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    Michael O’Brien
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    I have set up a category called hospitals.

    I now want to be able to show all hospitals within a specific region. The regions will not be determined by the geomap as they are specifically created for this organization. (for example, it could be region 1, region 2, etc.) The information created for each hospital will include a region field (separate from the default region field).

    I’m including a screenshot which I think will illustrate clearly what we want to accomplish. I’m unsure as to how to go about setting up this search scenario.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



    Alex Rollin
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    I recommend you use a tag. The search for field will search tags, and you can use tags to filter with GD Listings.


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    The extra drop down can only be achieved by using a SELECT custom field with options Region1, Region2 etc. Each listing can only be in one “region”.
    If listings can be in 2 regions, then you cannot use a SELECT custom field and you will not be able to add the drop down to the search bar itself. It can still be added to the Advanced Search options, but not the main bar itself.



    Michael O’Brien
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    Thank you so much, I will look at those options!

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