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    kala konto
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    I would like to have my GD Right section to display before (on top) GD Content section on the listing and details page on modile view (below 661x250px where its just one line not side by side)
    I have a map widget on my Right section and listing in the Content section for listing search page.

    So when on mobile somebody searches for a location or service, they first see map with locations and then a list of these places. At the moment the map is after all the listings.


    Alex Rollin
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    that’s not possible out of the box and it would require a customization, I’m sorry.

    Here you’ll find experts that can be hired to achieve that if you wish: https://geodirectoryexperts.com/

    You might consider re-ordering your tabs: https://wpgeodirectory.com/support/topic/re-order-tabs-in-events-detail-page/

    Thank you

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