Recurring Ends Not Required All the Way

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    I noticed someone added a recurring event but that it was not recurring. When I went in to edit their event they had set it up correctly all the way accept for the “Recurring end” where they selected “On” but they didn’t select a date. It’s required to select “after” or “on” but apparently not the date. So, they were not seeing their event recurring, it was only showing it once.

    It may be that they just didn’t understand the date field. It doesn’t say “Select date recurring ends on” nor does it show in any way that this field is a date field. It says “Recurring event duration” which I get but could be a little vague for someone who doesn’t use the site as much as me, which is everyone in the world, lol. Also, the way it’s laid out in mobile view especially “Recurring event duration” field sounds like it has to do with a time period and immediately below that there is “All Day”. So I can see how a vague field above “All Day may be easily overlooked.

    Is there a way someone can fix all this by:
    requiring the “On” “Date” field when “On” is selected
    changing what it says to “Select date recurring ends on” which is more explicit. Maybe even inside the date field if there’s room instead of underneath, maybe
    adding a line break for “On” so that it is before the Date field and in line with the date field

    Please help me resolve this. I think these ideas will definitely make it better. So far the only person to use this has already demonstrated an issue with how it is. Hope you appreciate these ideas and can help.


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We have moved to a support ticketing system and our forums are now closed.

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