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    Katie Lidgard
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    I have just introduced my first featured event. The problem is it is a recurring event and it is taking up the entire first page listing of events. See site here:
    Is there a way I can have it listed once, and then all recurring dates occur in order of upcoming events?
    I’d like to be able to copy the way this website has done it – they use Geodirectory too. Can you please tell me how I can achieve this?
    See how on each event it says, “Next date” and then underneath “upcoming dates”, and yet the event is only listed once.
    Thank you,


    Katie Lidgard
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    I have just changed the order so it orders it by event date for now (just because it looks so silly to leave live as it is). But I would like “Featured” to be the first sorting option, as it is on the North Shore Mums site I shared with you above.
    Thank you


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    I am not sure that there is a way around that, I’ll get the others to have a look at your question too.


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    Please make a private reply with your WP Admin details so we can take a look at your events settings.

    Note: Some members have chosen to hire developers to create custom functionality for their site. There are a number of ways to customize both the way that events are filtered and the way those listings are then presented on the screen. The customization in question is not necessarily available here in the forums or indeed repeatable without undertaking the same customization.

    You seem to be able to adjust your event sort order. Have you also included ‘featured’ in the sort order?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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