Remove Default Locations When User Add's A Listing

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    Christopher Kemmett
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    First, I have to ask this question. What is the benefit of having a default city or state or even country when using the “MultiLocations Addon”?

    The entire premise of the multilocations addon is to have multiple locations for your users listings. This means the system is built on the idea that the directory is for multiple locations. Then why would you want to suggest a location or default a location in the city, state, country field? This is only confusing users and causing problems when users add their listings. To me, default locations only make sense on small single location directories.

    I am building a worldwide directory, I do not want to have any prefilled location for city, state or country. I would like the user to input their own. I would again ask the question, what is the benefit of having these fields prefilled? This only causes confusion.

    I have found the settings in the location tab that allows me to change the default city. Although there is no way to unselect the default and have “no default”.

    Is this some kind of error? There is also no way to change or remove the defaulted country or state. I assume the defaulted country and state is based off of the defaulted city.

    Also, when a user selects the country, if they choose to click the drop down, they are presented with a huge list of countries, which I did not add to my database. I have no problem with this, however it would make sense if we could control this feature, as other gd customers may not want that predefined drop down, and do not want to use pre-selected countries (perhaps they are seeking general global interest and do not know which countries will be relevant).

    Is this entire suggestive list based on avoiding user errors? To keep the users from creating multiple locations with spelling errors etc…? I do agree that makes sense, however the feature should be optional for the admin, in my opinion.

    A simple way to solve this would be Country selection, then populate Region drop down options, Region selection, then populate City drop down options.

    Currently, when a user loads the Add listing page all four fields are shown and 3 of them are predefined! The only blank field is the Street address field!

    I would like to either have placeholder text like “Choose Region” (which could be edited on the backend State, Province, Etc..) and then “Choose City” etc…

    I have spent hours trying to figure out why this can’t be changed and all of the previous tickets I found simply point to changing the default location.

    I hope my issues here were defined clearly. If you need anything else please reach out. I have attached a screenshot of the predefined address fields populated by the ‘default location’ feature which I do not want.

    Can we make this ‘default location’ feature turn on and off with a simple settings toggle button?


    Alex Rollin
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    If not the default location, where would you have the map start position in the add-listing page?

    A simple way to solve this would be Country selection, then populate Region drop down options, Region selection, then populate City drop down options.

    The dropdowns for this would be thousands and thousands of entries in length

    About the setup and why it is required:

    It is not just the default city, correct. It is the default country/region/city coming out of the Maps API of your choice. The plugin provides a country table resulting in the drop-down to keep the countries sorted because different Map APIs have different information. We store that info for country but not for all the regions and cities in the world.

    One thing you can do is add listings in many cities to populate the regions and cities drop-down. They are ‘dependant’ and will sort those as appropriate based on user choice.

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