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    I have several thousand addresses in my site with the GD plugins. Initially when I logged on to the site it would show local businesses in my area/IP from the data I had imported (The only issue was the map was incorrect). Now it does not show the local businesses at all. It shows totally random businessess from one state depending on the sidebar data i set up). Why would this change?

    Also, None of the addresses in my system have the lat/long. Do I need lat/longs to have GD display local businesses accurately based on IPs? Or is the lat/long only needed for the map to work properly??


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    Lat and lng are required to place the markers on the maps, but also to determine which listings are near you. The geo-location works by checking your lat and lng and then serve listings that are near your lat and lng.

    This may explain a bit more:
    Check out the second option: Redirect to nearest location (on first time load users will be auto geolocated and redirected to nearest geolocation found)
    1. If there are no listings with any lat and lng near you, you will be redirected to the location page near you and you will see listings that have that location as the address.
    2. If there are listings with any lat and lng near you, you will be redirected to a page showing those listings with the near lat and lng.

    So it seems you now have added lat and lng to att least one listing near you, and therefore the behavior has changed. You are no longer redirected based on address, but on lat and lng.


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