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    Could you please point me to how I can access the GD Sidebar area through code?
    Is there a hook where I can setup my own condition for when to include certain links.

    Right now I’m using widget logic on a navigation menu widget, is_page(‘add-listing’).
    This is working fine however I need further control over what/when is displayed in the sidebar of add listings page.



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    Hi Anders,

    Thanks for your post. You can avoid the hassle by just using this plugin . Let us know how it goes.


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    Thank you Kor,

    Right now I´m using Widget Logic -plugin which looks like something similar.
    This works fine for showing/hiding widgets but I need to insert a small custom code so that I can display certain links based on some conditions. So I would like to have access to the widget area from my functions file in our child theme for directory starter theme.



    Naveen Giri
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    Hi @anders

    this is the hook, you can customise.

    for any further customisation you can take help of GD Experts.



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    Thank you Naveen Giri!

    I never sorted out how to best use that filter from our child theme, however I decided to create a new widget instead where I can control things fine for our purpose.



    Alex Rollin
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