Still getting spam users registering WITH captcha

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    I am wondering if they are registering via the WP register page, since I see the UsersWP register page ReCaptcha appears to be working…but I would think since I have the GD ReCaptcha also installed and set for the register page, it should still work? I’m not even sure if this makes sense since I cannot for the life of me figure out where that register page would be for WP that they might be finding because everything I’ve tried has bumped me to the UserWP register with the ReCaptcha.

    I suppose they could be humans, but what is the likelihood of that with emails like this: and Those just sound so much like spammers don’t they? All random letters and such for the domain. And Equatorial Guinea? Really? I find it highly unlikely my local California website is drawing real users from there! Spammers, for sure.

    I just want to know if there’s something I have set wrong that is allowing spammers to create accounts on my site. I don’t want to have to continue to be deleting them constantly.

    As I said, the ReCaptcha does look like it’s working, see:


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