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    Hi, I am using this snippet to keep several cpt’s on one page for the Add Listing page, and a separate Add Events page:

    /** Add Listing w all CPTs minus events */
    add_action('geodir_before_detail_fields', 'geodir_add_listing_before_detail_fields', 0);
    function geodir_add_listing_before_detail_fields(){
    	global $post; 
    	$current_posttype = geodir_get_current_posttype();
    	$geodir_allow_posttype = get_option('geodir_allow_posttype_frontend');
    	$post_types = geodir_get_posttypes('object');
    	$addlisting_links = '';
    	if ($current_posttype!="gd_events") {
    //test if the key is in the array
    //	if (in_array("gd_event", $geodir_allow_posttype)) {
    //			    echo "trovato evento";
    //$filtraevento = array( 1 );
    //			}
    //remove the position 1 (gd events from the new array)
    			$filtraevento = array( 7 );
    			$filtrato = array_diff_key( $geodir_allow_posttype, array_flip( $filtraevento ) );
    	foreach($post_types as $key => $postobj){
    		if(is_array($filtrato) && in_array($key, $filtrato) && count($filtrato) > 1){
    			$name = $postobj->labels->singular_name;
    					$checked = '';
    			if($current_posttype == $key) 
    				$checked = 'checked="checked"';
    			$add_link = geodir_get_addlisting_link( $key );
    			$addlisting_links .= '<div style="display:block;line-height:30px; margin-right:14px; float:left;">';
    			$addlisting_links .= '<input type="radio" '.$checked.' value="'.$add_link.'" title="'.ucfirst($name).'" name="geodir_select_add_listing[]"  onchange="javascript:window.location=this.value;" >'.ucfirst($name);
    			$addlisting_links .= '</div>';
    	if($addlisting_links != '')	{
    					if($current_posttype != "gd_event") { 
    		<h5><?php _e('Select Listing Type', GEODIRECTORY_TEXTDOMAIN); ?></h5>
    		<div class="geodir_form_row clearfix">
    			<div id="geodir_showposttypes" class="geodir_showposttypes">
    			<?php echo $addlisting_links;?>
    		</div> <?php

    I have added a new cpt, Announcements, that I would like to show on the Add Event page. As of now, it is showing on the Add Listing page. Anyone interested in tweaking it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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