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    I tried the events add on and some unexpected stuff happened. I’m assuming that it’s conflicting with my other Events plugin, so I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to just uninstall your add on. Unfortunately I can’t make it go away! This is really frustrating and seems like very poor design. I deactivated your geodirectory events add on, but the “Events” icon it adds to the WP admin menu is still there. I tried deleting your add on without any success either. It’s really frustrating because somehow ever since I tried adding it, now some of my listings are somehow registering as events and showing up on the unrelated events calendar, and an event someone tried to add ended up posting as a listing, etc. How the heck do I force a reset to the setup I had before your addon modified things?! I don’t want to just roll back the entire database because we’ve had new users and content since then. Aren’t plugins supposed to delete their data on uninstall and go away cleanly?


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