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    hi all,

    just a quick note to apologize for delaying the release of the new version, however we are positive the result will exceed your expectations and was worth the wait!

    What’s going to be new?

    – New template engine and css: with few action filters in your theme’s functions.php you can make GD output adapt to any theme’s html structure (3 example to be provided: Avada, Enfold and X themes from themeforest).
    – Fontawesome integration to take advantage of their great vectorial icons.
    – The Best permalinks structure ever built for a wordpress powered directory (example: http://wpgeo.directory/hotels/united-states/illinois/chicago/4-stars/radisson-blu-aqua-hotel/ or http://wpgeo.directory/attractions/united-states/illinois/chicago/landmark/picasso-statue/)
    – Improved multilocation, new alternative location switcher with drill down options (GT style). Ability to enable/disable multi regions and multi countries and to restrict users from adding undesired locations (this option is still under construction and actually causing the delay.
    – All bugs reported for previous version fixed.
    – New GeoLocation addon

    We hope to release it tomorrow, or Monday the latest.

    Thanks for your patience, we are working to provide you the best directory plugin ever developed!

    Stiofan, Vikas and Paolo


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    Thank you, Paolo. Will geolocation automatically display the main page map with listings where the user is located? What if there are no listings in the user’s location?


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    yes GeoLocation will take the user to the closest location available in your database.

    There shouldn’t be locations without places, if there are and the user is from a location without places it will show no places….


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    Do you recommend that we add the countries and regions ahead of time even before listings or places are added?


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    it really depends on your setup…


    John Allsopp
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    Shame about the wait – now i’ll just have to chill out with a few beers in the sunshine instead of working…oh well, never mind 😉


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    Sunshine, what sunshine?


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    Thanks for the update Paolo. Software development always takes longer than expected. The first release of GD was pretty good and this next release sounds like it will be a major improvement – maybe you can just stop with the daily “next day release” statements! 😉

    I’ve bought Enfold and learning how it works in anticipation of the next GD.


    John Allsopp
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    @websitu – i suppose it depends where you are, but it’s been lovely here. A bit crap today though, so it looks like British summer is now over!


    John Allsopp
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    @paolo – I am guessing this can be done quite easily now using hooks/filters, but do you think it is something that people would want in core?
    The archive h1 titles (and meta titles) could do with being more descriptive – pulling the location name so:
    wpgeo.directory/hotels/ – H1 = All Hotels
    wpgeo.directory/hotels/united-states/ – H1 = Hotels in United States
    wpgeo.directory/hotels/united-states/illinois/ – H1 = Hotels in Illinois
    wpgeo.directory/hotels/united-states/illinois/chicago/ – H1 = Hotels in Chicago

    Maybe it would be better to be done by people on a “case by case” basis, don’t know – just thinking out loud…


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    Look forward to the updates +1 for setting permalinks as Johns suggestion, going that many levels deep is not SEO friendly

    Also any reason why the state is ouput before the town/city..it should be Chicago Illinois …London, England etc it doesn’t make sense the other way round

    Geolocation..can this be set to default landing location as defined in GD..e.g I set default as London so any users have to land on this page..my primary page..this is how geolocation works in mostly all other directories

    It needs to stay on default page if no listings in user country IP

    If mu user is from Australia I want them to see a default city at all times not the closest city to them Until after they land on the site . Why? If I’m promoting London hotels globally its no good if a visitor from AU gets sent off page as there’s no listings in AU

    See Atlas, Templatic etc

    Sure you have this covered 🙂

    …now if it would just play nicely in the new release Genesis all will be good


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    I don’t know where you got that information, but I know for a fact that long, structured URL are not only 100% SEO friendly, but Google loves them.

    (I’m a professional SEO with 6 years experience and I never failed hitting top 5 ranks for keywords I’ve targeted. Stiofan is my witness)

    In any case, if you didn’t know, you can exclude locations from appearing in the URL, or enable only city if the entire country/region/city structure is useless or too long for you.

    Writing chicago/illinois, could be the proper form to write an address for the human eye perspective, definitely not for a URL that are mainly there for browsers and bots.

    In a URL, element names between slashes represents directories (computer folders)


    are chicago and aurora “inside” Illinois?


    Or is Illinois inside both Chicago and Aurora?

    That’s the logic…

    GeoLocation is still in beta and will be improved following everyone’s input.



    John Allsopp
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    @swm3 & @paolo – just to avoid any confusion, i wasn’t talking about the permalinks.
    What i meant is that on each of the 4 URLs in my example, the page title and H1 headline is “All Hotels”.
    I am suggesting that the page title and H1 headline should pick up the location name, so for example, the Chicago page would have a title of “Hotels In Chicago” rather than “All Hotels”.


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    What John is talking about would be beneficial for both humans and bots, though hopefully also a programmatic pattern that could be tailored and editable.

    As for the URLs, there is a happy middle ground, but I would agree for the most part with Paolo here (likewise, I’ve done agency and in-house SEO now for a decade for some of the biggest global brands around). While “overly too long” URLs aren’t desirable, for the information structure for these kinds of sites, this hierarchical URL protocol is desirable, again for both humans and bots. This is a top down, broad to focused structure, so the ordering makes sense, even though it is written “backwards” compared to regular address structure.

    e.g. either
    would be preferred and the ability to drop non-critical levels, such as the country if all locations are limited within country is ideal.

    Also, if your site is on a ccTLD (country level, e.g., somesite.fr, mysite.de, etc.co.uk) from a search engine point of view, you will be sending a strong geolocational signal just based on your domain, though also a bit more challenging if you are on a .com or other top level domain, especially if your hosting is also out of country. However, in the case of the ccTLD, note that if your site is targeting outside your country, this geo-signaling may also be a bit more challenging to overcome.



    Desti Neo
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    sorry to introduce myself with this post but I am excited to get started with this plugin but am hesitant due to the following:

    currently the demo returns a 404 when following the breadcrumb links:

    Home > All Hotels
    Home > All Hotels > United States

    Shouldn’t it simply list hotels below that taxonomy?

    Likewise, if I enable location (I am based in SG and other location-aware HTML5 sites place me correctly), your demo shows me the city of Graz in Austria… :s

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