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    Vanessa Law
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    Hi there,

    Is is possible to use supreme directory theme, but only on some pages of a site that primarily uses another theme?
    I’d like to have pages like /events and /places use the supreme directory theme, but then all other pages on the site use the existing site theme


    Alex Rollin
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    No, WP can only show one theme at a time by default.

    If you are interested in the sidebar map, though, then you can do something like that with Custom CSS and Javascript using the Archive page template.


    Vanessa Law
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    Thanks, yeah I was kinda loving all the pages the theme had in them, not just the sidebar map
    FWIW I’d pay for an add-on that made all the listing pages, etc. look like the supreme directory theme.


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    well you could use multisite and use 1 theme for 1 section of your site with 1 thmee and create a /directory/ subsite that uses supreme for the directory part of your site.

    We do the same here, but we use 1 theme for all sites and we do it mainly to only activate the plugins that we use only on the sites where they are needed.



    Vanessa Law
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    hmm… that’s interesting, I hadn’t considered using multi-site for a single site.
    I’ve found some plugins aren’t happy with multisite, but this is an interesting idea.

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