Where to translate?

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    Please ignore my post below as I thought it better to start again here as what I am asking maybe isn’t so clear in the post below.

    1. How to translate city, region, neighbourhood names in WPML. I have enabled the location manager strings in WPML but these names don’t appear. How Can I translate them?

    2. How to translate the listing fields. For example (see screen shot) I have a multi select option box for a hotel with options like wifi, ensuite etc. How can I translate these? As I cant find the strings I am actually just writing the labels & descriptions in both languages but this means both languages are always displayed on the front end which is not that tidy. Is it possible to translate these areas in WPML? If so what string, meta field etc do I need to enable?

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    Another example.
    Its these listing/event fields that seem to be impossible to find in WPML.


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    1. This is not possible without a customization and falls outside support.

    2. Translate custom fields as described here: https://wpgeodirectory.com/docs/translating-custom-fields/

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