Why are map icons required when creating CPT categories?

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    Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah
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    Keep running into these roadblocks trying to setup GD.

    Went to add new categories to my new CPT and discovered I need Map Icons. Which means I’m going to need custom icons created ….

    Why are these required?

    I just don’t understand.


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    To display your listings on the maps.

    I agree it would be better to have a default marker and let you change it if needed than forcing you to create your own from the start.

    I attached a Google Maps default marker to add to all your categories to get you started.


    Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah
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    thank you very much.

    I can return to custom icons later but want to get categories created; this helps a lot.


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    Can you choose either to have the address be more vague? I don’t want to let everyone know where the event is until it is a couple of weeks until. Since it is my friends private property. Thank you.


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    You can add just the city name as address till the day you want to make it public.


    p.s. you should be opening your own support topics


    Stiofan O’Connor
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    FYI the map icon will no longer be a required field from the next release, and will auto-generate an icon if the Font Awesome icon is set.

    Thanks for your feedback.


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