Wp Import All Integration?

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    Jeremy Beha
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    I found some posts from awhile ago asking about integration with WP Import All – my main reason to want to use this is because it can do timed automated pulls from a URL – instead of having to upload a specific file. Your system does not do that, and does not seem like it would any time soon. So instead of having to come upload a file – I can set up matching fields and then tell the system to pull a new file every morning at 9am – useful for file types like classifieds or real estate listings.

    Also – why is longitude/latitude required in import process? That seems like burdensome extra step to import listings, especially if you’re doing it on a fairly regular basis, such as my example above.


    Jeremy Beha
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    Also – we have someone who wants to do an XML feed, so is this possible as well?


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    Hi Jeremy,

    that’s not in current plans, however I asked to Stiofan to check if it’s even possible to integrate it. If their system doesn’t have hooks to import in custom tables there will be nothing we can do… He’ll let us know asap.

    Lat and Lon are mandatory fields to populate the maps and we ask to enter them in advance, because fetching them from the API during import would slow down the process.

    XML feed is currently not an option.



    Stiofan O’Connor
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    I have added a task for this to be assessed to see if this is possible.



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