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We always tried to attract theme developers. We wanted them to build Directory themes for WordPress, using GeoDirectory as their engine.

Since we decided to stop developing GeoTheme and we built GeoDirectory as a WordPress Directory plugin. That was one of our original goals.

We have a fairly large user-base that have been waiting for an elegant and professional looking theme for a long time. It is very hard to build something as feature-rich as GeoDirectory from scratch. So building themes for GeoDirectory could be a good business for everyone.

In addition, we are delighted to promote whoever contributes to improving GeoDirectory and making it a better, bigger project.

We were not able to succeed with V1 For a number of reasons, mainly because of a templating system that was hard to customize.

Very few themes adopted it. It took a long time before we saw the 1st theme using GeoDirectory V1 to serve its directory section.

GeoDIrectory V2 appears to start with the right foot.

Introducing Listimia

wordpress directory theme listimia

Listimia is a sleek and pixel perfect WordPress Directory theme by Addicted2web. Originally built for the script phpmydirectory. It is now introduced in its WordPress version, powered by GeoDirectory.

By the way, soon we’ll release the phpmydirectory to GeoDirectory converting tool too.

Listimia uses the Bootstrap framework as its foundation.

It is fully responsive and looks gorgeous on Mobile and Tablets too.

Customizable in terms of colors and headings, Listimia is also fully translatable.

Just like GeoDirectory v2, it is compatible with the most popular s.

Listimia comes with excellent documentation and support by the Addicted2web staff.

You can use it to build any kind of Directory / Listings site.

Real Estate portals, a Classified website or your local Yelp, Listimia has got you covered!

Plus, at $39 it is very reasonably priced.

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Published by Paolo

Paolo Tajani, co-founder and marketing lead at AyeCode LTD, works alongside his business partner Stiofan to develop key WordPress plugins such as GeoDirectory, UsersWP, and GetPaid. Starting his journey with WordPress in 2008, Paolo joined forces with Stiofan O'Connor in 2011. Together, they have been instrumental in creating and marketing a range of successful themes and plugins, now actively used by over 100,000 websites.