WordPress Store Locator Plugins

Wordpress Store Locator Plugins Compared

Plugins to add Store locator features to a WordPress website have been around for quite a while.

They are extremely useful for chains of hotels or restaurants, gas stations, consumer stores, beauty salons, convenience stores, chains of gyms, and many more types of businesses with more than one location.

These plugins help potential customers easily find the location or locations of a given business.

More often than not, store locators rely on the Google Maps API to display locations and addresses.

This allows you to use the Google Maps API features such as geolocation and address autocomplete, right on your WordPress website.

Geolocation, in case you didn’t know, allows you to show the store which is the closest to the user’s location.

WordPress Store Locator Plugins Compared

That said, which store locator WordPress plugins are the best?

In theory, any Google Maps plugin that allows adding more than one location could be used as a Store Locator.

However, that might not be enough for everyone.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the most popular out there.

In addition to that, we will be paying special attention to their Rich Snippets support.

From the point of view of a local business, Rich Snippets are crucial for SEO as these help search engines display useful results about your business.

For instance, if you are running a restaurant, Rich Snippets will highlight stuff like Menus, Service Hours, Specials, etc.


Our flagship plugin, GeoDirectory, is well worth mentioning on this list.

It comes with a wide range of features that are otherwise not found in most Store Locator WordPress plugins.

Don’t take our word for it, though.

Consider this.

Major Features

  • Google Maps and the OpenStreetMaps API
  • Custom map icons 
  • Search for nearby locations (proximity)
  • Search Radius
  • Physical locations pages each with its map, custom image gallery, contact details, dedicated contact form, and customer reviews 
  • Full support for WordPress REST API
  • Unlimited custom fields for displaying location info
  • A wide range of widgets that can be used as shortcodes or Gutenberg blocks in virtually any content field
  • Ability to add unlimited store locations and location metadata
  • CSV manager for export, import, and bulk edit of store listings 
  • Rich Snippets Support – Yes, obviously! 🙂
  • Responsive design that works with any page builder plugin
  • Integration with WPML multilingual plugin

This is entirely for free. 

GeoDirectory also comes with numerous custom extensions that offer seamless integration with third-party plugins as well as extended features.

For example:

If you need to build an advanced Store Locator on your WordPress website, GeoDirectory should definitely be on your list.

WP Store Locator

The WP Store Locator (that you can find here), is a free plugin that adds all your locations to a map that you can fully customize.

The map and navigator can be in whatever language you choose.

You can add custom labels for each location and help users find business locations using multiple filters, such as proximity radius or category.

WP Store Locator helps you display any number of stores and allows you to change the frontend language from the admin panel.

The shortcodes are highly customizable, so you can choose what to display on the front end of your site.

Be it opening or closing hours, alternate addresses, landmarks, phone numbers, and so on.

This WP plugin comes with custom markers that users can drag on the map to set their desired location.

Beyond that, marker clustering is also available should there be multiple stores in close proximity.

WordPress Store Locator Plugins

Overall, this is a very feature-rich plugin that can fit the needs of any user.

However, the biggest downside is that some of the features that are otherwise available out of the box in most plugins require you to rely on addons here.

For instance, bulk import, detailed statistics, and search widgets are mostly managed by means of addons with WP Store Locator.

Major Features

  • Support localization and works well with multilingual plugins
  • Ability to showcase marker cluster on the frontend
  • Supports Geolocation via Google Maps API
  • Comes with custom filters to sort CPTs based on user requirements
  • Supports Rich Snippets – No (Partial Support; but single entry pages do not use Local Business Rich Snippets)

Yoast Local SEO for WordPress

Yoast has become the de facto leader when it comes to WordPress SEO.

Their primary SEO plugin is free to use, and it is backed by the Local SEO plugin which is especially meant as a store locator.

Local SEO by Yoast allows users to filter stores and other locations by radius and ZIP codes.

You can add the address of your store to the store locator page, specify the opening and closing hours, and add any custom info as well by means of shortcodes.

The plugin also supports custom widgets that can display store location info in the sidebar or footer.

WordPress Store Locator Plugins

That said, the biggest issue with Local SEO by Yoast is the absence of a free version.

More importantly, this is not a bonafide store locator plugin per se.

Instead, it is a companion plugin for the mainstream Yoast SEO plugin.

It offers seamless integration with Yoast SEO, the ability to handle metadata and XML sitemaps, etc. but does not boast of any of the additional features that other plugins bring to the table.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that if you have virtual locations for your store, this particular plugin might not be the best fit for you.

Price – $69 USD + VAT

Major Features

  • Offers tight integration with Yoast SEO plugin
  • Integrates well with WooCommerce, can add location-specific features to WooCommerce products
  • Supports KML file generation and can add the relevant info to your search engine XML sitemap automatically
  • Supports Rich Snippets – Yes

Locatoraid Store Locator

Locatoraid Store Locator (link) is another lightweight plugin that includes many configurable styles for frontend display.

In terms of modus operandi, Locataraid follows the same approach as all other plugins on this list.

It lets you add locations that your customers can then browse through, supports custom shortcodes for easier display of store locations, the ability to insert maps with text search, radius and proximity search, etc.

WordPress Store Locator Plugins

In addition to all of that, Locataraid also comes with custom widgets and highly tweakable map styles.

On the downside, though, geolocation is hard to set up and for the most part, Locataraid seems to require users to manually type in their address or ZIP code in order to fetch nearby store locations.

Obviously, it might be time-consuming and a minor hindrance for some users.

Major Features

  • Tweakable and customizable map styles
  • Supports multiple locations and custom fields
  • Ability to bulk import locations in a few clicks
  • Supports Rich Snippets – No (Partial Support; single entry pages do not support Local Business Rich Snippet fully)

Agile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator (link) is a handy WordPress plugin that relies on Google Maps for rendering maps on the frontend.

This particular WP plugin supports Geolocation as well as custom fields and also offers a decent set of customization features for the maps display.

That said, the free version only seems to be able to search or locate stores on the basis of manual input – ZIP code, city, country, etc.

Major Features

  • Google Maps and Google Geocoding API
  • Support for custom fields
  • Multilingual support
  • Ability to display maps in different languages
  • Rich Snippets Support – No

Store Locator Plus for WordPress

[currently closed for security reasons]

Whether you have two stores or thousands, this plugin allows you to quickly create a location search on your website.

Without any special settings, you can create a page, specify your default location, and add a shortcode to the location search page. 

Naturally, this particular plugin is ideal for people who just wish to add a simple search bar to their site for locating stores.

If you are looking for highly customizable options, Store Locator Plus for WordPress is probably not the first pick that comes to mind. 

You can add custom addons (paid extensions) to this plugin for additional features.

Such as enabling or disabling search options, categorizing locations, creating SEO-focused pages for each location, and so on. 

In fact, it can possibly be said that to get the most out of this plugin, you will need to implement a few addons or extensions anyway.

For instance, to integrate social media links with store locations, or to add custom fields to your location data, extensions are necessary. 

WordPress Store Locator Plugins

Store Locator Plus also works seamlessly with Gravity Forms and Event Location Manager to link events to the location of your business.

Lastly, it supports multiple countries and languages without any paid addons.

Major Features

  • Support for multiple countries and locations
  • Localized in various languages 
  • There is no hard limit on the number of locations that you can add
  • Easily customizable with HTML and CSS tweaks
  • A wide range of paid add-ons and extensions to get the most out of your site
  • Support for WordPress REST API, to help use WP as a headless CMS or integrate with mobile apps, and so on.
  • Supports Rich Snippets – No support whatsoever (does not use Rich Snippets)

To Sum it up…

In this article, we have put together some of the most popular WordPress plugins that may help you build store locator functionality on your website.

Each comes with its own set of features and abilities, and for the most part, any of the above plugins will suffice for most users.

Which one should you really use? Yes, it depends on your requirements.

For instance, if integration with Yoast SEO is the only aspect of your search, Local SEO by Yoast is an obvious choice.

On the other hand, if the widest selection of features in the free version and a stellar array of premium extensions is something you’re looking for, GeoDirectory is what you should choose for your site.

Which store locator WordPress plugin do you prefer and why? Have your say in the comments below!

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