Change Logs

Bug fixed and new additions for all versions are listed here.

For GDv2 change logs please visit:

V 1.6.38

Bulk delete tags results in 500 Internal Server Error – FIXED
Backend edit GD listing pages can show blank page – FIXED
CURL call replaced with wp_remote_get() – CHANGED
GD Tool > Ratings check always shows “Review locations missing or broken” – FIXED
Sometimes search button shows font-awesome icon html – FIXED
Google Map bubble not working after Google round infoWindow update – FIXED

V 1.6.37

WP Font Awesome Settings added to support CSS and JS versions – ADDED

V 1.6.36

Event search not showing results for near location search – FIXED
Some themes not showing GD Home Top widget section – FIXED
Font Awesome ratings input not showing correctly if FA not loaded with Pseudo-Elements – FIXED
Get directions text not changing when using default value – FIXED

V 1.6.34

CSS Pseudo-Elements now enabled for Font Awesome – CHANGED
Disable our own FA on beaver builder pages until BB updates to FA5 JS – FIXED
Map child categories reveal icon not showing correctly – FIXED
Map child categories show/hide toggle not working – FIXED

V 1.6.32

Fix GD search conflict with Jetpack by ElasticSearch – FIXED
Change CPT settings sorting options description – CHANGED
Special apostrophe character not supported with search listing – FIXED
OSM cant handel geocode search of UK post codes missing the space – FIXED
Search adds all terms to query if search field is blank – FIXED
Deleted tag still displayed on the listing detail page – FIXED
Use of getenv(‘REMOTE_ADDR’) with PHP v7.2.1 results in internal server error – FIXED
Issue with listing slug WPML translation – FIXED
Listing shortcode shows posts from all categories if category has no post – FIXED
Location me page shows wrong results on map when map cache enabled – FIXED
CPT archive pages not showing any results – FIXED
Unable to translate text on detail page photos popup – FIXED
Search radius settings not filtering the results – FIXED
OSM near search geolocation not adding on default location to search – FIXED
Google maps CSS changes means map info-window close button does not work – FIXED
Shadow missing from fav listing icon – FIXED
Update Font Awesome to v5 JS version – CHANGED

V 1.6.30

Yoast v8.x shows error on backend edit listing page – FIXED

V 1.6.29

iframe api generation broken (by Google iframe restrictions) changed to new window popup – FIXED
Apple devices use different kind of apostrophe which does not work for search – FIXED
Fieldset title with special characters outputs incorrect css class – FIXED
Issue with detail page permalink when Yoast SEO is active – FIXED
Map popup shows incorrect listing links – FIXED

V 1.6.28


OpenStreetMap populates wrong region for UK – FIXED
Check added if post info missing on details page – FIXED
If doing first ever upgrade of GD the “set in what locations” can be unset – FIXED

V 1.6.27


Distance on related listings not showing anymore – FIXED
Shows incorrect address in edit listing – FIXED
Deleting listing sometimes fails to delete featured image smaller image sets – FIXED
Add submit ip in export listings data – CHANGED
Old Google analytics code should not be added if disabled – FIXED

V 1.6.26


New core WP 4.9 plupload JS breaks drop and upload listing images – FIXED
Shows PHP Warning when map cache file does not exists – FIXED
Author page is broken due to JS error – FIXED
Date translation issue in German language – FIXED
Listing description limit affects page description on add listing page – FIXED
Fix checkbox custom field data type in DB table – FIXED
Categories missing from listing detail preview page sidebar – FIXED
Markers are not visible when scrolled left/right on OpenStreetMap – FIXED
Optional user name causes issue in generating author page url – FIXED
Search looses the WPML language when url format set with “lang” parameter – FIXED
Date un-translation not working properly – FIXED
Map default language setting is not working for OpenStreetMap – FIXED
Empty search results should not show default location on map – FIXED
GDPR Compliance updates – ADDED
GD sessions class can cause WP file editor to fail with new WP file editor changed – FIXED
Map cache can fail to get file once every 24hours when clearing old cache – FIXED
Some themes reset the $post value which can casue the details page map to show no results – FIXED
Remove send to friend functionality as it against the GDPR policy – CHANGED

V 1.6.25


My Favorites text in breadcrumb not translatable – FIXED
Email custom field not showing on map bubble – FIXED
Related listings widget does not have option to sort nearest listings – FIXED
Address field does not hide validation message if address set from map dragend – FIXED
Add listing shortcode not working if page have other shortcodes – FIXED
Details page send enquiry/friend forms don’t validate if listing is published – FIXED
New hooks added for WPML duplicate translation – CHANGED
Review form rendered with rich editor does not validate the field correctly – FIXED
Detail page sidebar gets wrapped to bottom of page for Divi v3.0.87 – FIXED
JetPack CDN breaks listing images – FIXED
New core WP 4.9 plupload JS breaks our CSV upload for import – FIXED

V 1.6.24


geodir_reviewer_content_author_link filter added – ADDED
Show validation message for empty review/reply text – CHANGED
Listing edited notification should be sent after listing data saved – CHANGED
Overall raiting sort now uses bayesian formula by default – CHANGED
Add to fav for multisite using same option, now uses option for each site – CHANGED
View all link should go to search page with near me selected – CHANGED
Fix affiliate links for GeoDirectory CPTs listing pages – FIXED
Broken term links on details page if region removed from details links – FIXED
GD login link throwing to 404 page for already logged user – FIXED
After GT to GD migration comment content shows [img] tags – FIXED
Multiselect ajax not working properly due to VARCHAR – FIXED
Bulk edit action breaks the listing status – FIXED
listing_width parameter does not working in gd_listings shortcode FIXED
CPT draft/pending links can be broken with some settings – FIXED
category_restrict parameter not hiding the text More Categories/Less Categories – FIXED

V 1.6.23


“All” string is not translated in popular post widget title – FIXED
Fix post name for autosaved listing from backend – FIXED
Added filter to the geodir_listing_belong_to_current_user() function – ADDED
Search by tag keyword not working properly – FIXED

V 1.6.22


Comment replies should not add review structured data – FIXED
Hooks added to customize texts in location description when for empty location – ADDED
Popular post widget view all link should have url with current language – FIXED
Mobile details page tabs now close and scroll to show tab title – CHANGED
Sometime click on pinpoint doesn’t opens the map infowindow – FIXED
Category top description not saved from new category form – FIXED
Fix flexslider JS conflict – FIXED
Option added in popular post widget to hide widget if no listings found – ADDED
Disable review submitting on draft/trash/pending listing – CHANGED
Don’t translate GD post types/taxonomies if disabled in WPML settings – CHANGED
RTL, details page tabs not RTL – FIXED
On detail page show no. images as per plan allowed – FIXED
Remove grey X from default custom field – CHANGED
WPML v3.2+ compatibility changes – CHANGED
Theme My Login compatibility fix – FIXED
Can’t disable BCC notification to admin on post submit success – CHANGED
Backend should load content in language that user has selected in his profile – FIXED
geodir_date() function not working for already translated date – FIXED
Disable quick edit links for GD CPTs – CHANGED
If nothing found during Near search the Near location will be used as the map default location – CHANGED
Popular post view widget, added filter to sort by option – ADDED
Recent reviews no. of reviews limit not working – FIXED
Function geodir_user_post_listing_count() using current user id instead of user_id arg – FIXED
Widget listing should show nearest results when location filter enabled and lat/lon set – CHANGED
On login/signup page redirect_to parameter not working for logged user – FIXED
Problem occurs when using “tag” string in post type name – FIXED
gd_listings shortcode shows all listings if post_author has no listings – FIXED
UsersWP login widget redirects to /login page – FIXED
Added beta map cache settings to GD>Design>Map section – ADDED
GD css conflict with Woocommerce – FIXED

V 1.6.21


Recent reviews doesn’t work well with WPML – FIXED
Changed “Get Directions” custom field to apple maps link as it redirects better on all devices – CHANGED
Remove X theme search page titles and breadcrumbs – CHANGED
Post type conflict on add listing page – FIXED
Listings & terms unique slug validation with WPML – CHANGED
DB Max index length variable added – ADDED
In location translation change to in %s to fix prefix location – CHANGED
Added option to change default list thumbnail image size – ADDED
Added title attribute to listing images – ADDED
CPT > Categories widget on detail page should filter post type & category if allowed – CHANGED
New hook added to filter address fields being displayed – ADDED

V 1.6.20


is_featured column added in listing sample CSV file – CHANGED
Map Bubble placement problem for OpenStreetMap – FIXED
Listing slider widget image not a link – CHANGED
Hooks added to filter custom field value – CHANGED
Problem when listing title matches category or tag name – FIXED
Map ajax now sends location info to bust some caching problems – FIXED
If map first loads empty then changing CPT on map might not work – FIXED
Dummy images urls www. removed as some servers do not follow redirect – FIXED
Default Google maps mobile view full screen map button removed as we have our own – CHANGED

V 1.6.19


X theme update causes some layout issues – FIXED
Kleo listing and CPT pages not using GD titles – FIXED
Audio custom file fields will now show audio player instead of link – CHANGED
If single cat selected in home map, show that marker rather than post default marker – CHANGED
Geolocation on near field can be cached when browser back button used – FIXED
WP Session class lib can expose the Session ID publicly – SECURITY

V 1.6.18

Flatsome theme compatibility settings added – ADDED
BuddyBoss theme compatibility settings added – ADDED
Add locate me button to address input on add listing page – ADDED
Allow import/export linked business cpt ids – ADDED
In front end allowed to translate listing via WPML duplicate translation – ADDED
New attributes added in gd_listings shortcode to filter user favorite listings – ADDED
Option added to disable overwrite by Yoast SEO titles & metas on GD pages – ADDED
Use of ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE conflicts if used to check WPML installed – CHANGED
Backward compatibility for multibyte string functions – CHANGED
Sort CPT taxonomy in popular categories widget – CHANGED
Post date should be updated via CSV import – CHANGED
Custom field should display label instead of value if set in option values – FIXED
With WPML the location terms added twice when CPT slug is translated – FIXED
gd_listing_map shortcode not working for CPT other then “gd_place” – FIXED
GD Booster causes problem when used http in urls on SSL enabled site – FIXED
Listing slider widget breaks slider if on detail page – FIXED
For price custom field option “Decimal display” does not working – FIXED
Singapore set address on map does not always return country – FIXED
Facebook login will not redirect back to add listing page – FIXED
Fix conflict Advanced Custom Fields timepicker – FIXED
Isle of Man added as own country and regions fixed – FIXED
Undefined error when map marker animating – FIXED
On Custom AJAX request WPML uses default language for non logged user – FIXED
Search returns all the posts for Kleo theme – FIXED
Fixed some countries missing ISO country code – FIXED
Admin use only date field should not lost value if saved by user – FIXED
In [gd_listings] shortcode if category has no posts then it shows all the results – FIXED
[gd_popular_post_view] shortcode character_count=0 not working – FIXED
Popup forms not using correct language with WPML – FIXED
Categories icon urls are broken if site moved from http to https – FIXED
Fix issue with Paris sometimes returning a sub section name from Google API – FIXED
Fix Tax Meta Class conflicts – FIXED

V 1.6.17


Changes for batch WPML duplicates feature – CHANGED
Yoast SEO location replacement tags no longer working – FIXED

V 1.6.16


Added Google Analytics option to anonymize IP to comply with German law – ADDED
Make ratings stars clickable on listing – ADDED
Some functions added for truncate, strlen, substr the text – ADDED
GD Tools> reload countries table tool added to update new countries – ADDED
Added media query for 375px to show listings 100% at below that – ADDED
New parameters post_type & category added to the listings map shortcode – CHANGED
WPML geodir_info_url and geodir_login_url now uses lang code in url when needed – CHANGED
Textarea and html custom field can now use default value – CHANGED
On add listing page switching WPML language changes the listing type – CHANGED
Option added in listing map widget to enable marker cluster for map – CHANGED
Auto register custom fields for WPML translation via GD custom field translation tool – CHANGED
Updated Generate API KEY button to add access for all APIs – CHANGED
Popular post view widget Featured sort now secondarily ordered by date added – CHANGED
Hook added to enable/disable editor for description field – CHANGED
Spain now uses administrative_area_level_2 for regions (this will affect current Spanish listings, you should add new regions and then merge out old ones) – CHANGED
Synchronize the post reviews if “Synchronize comment on duplicate content” is set – CHANGED
New title variables added to display country/region/city/neighbourhood – CHANGED
Detail page map get directions should user user location – CHANGED
Option added to disable review stars for certain post type – CHANGED
Sao Tome and Principe and South Sudan countries added to DB list – CHANGED
Added try catch to Google analytics account call which can break if no accounts present – FIXED
Country should be not added in DB via query – FIXED
Marker pins not bouncing for OpenStreetMap – FIXED
Fix for WordFence warning on registration via GD Login – FIXED
Kleo theme title not show on preview page – FIXED
Breadcrumb formatting issue with the neighbourhood name – FIXED
Google Analytics account error breaks the site – FIXED
Fix ISO2 for translated country – FIXED
Switching language from WPML location switcher looses the page variables on GeoDirectory pages – FIXED
Set address on map can sometimes not work right if no zip is provided – FIXED
Address and Category cant be shown on their own tab – FIXED
The country code is undefined when default country is set and translated – FIXED
Single quote in default city name causes problem in add new city – FIXED
Geocode address add listing page on FireFox can cause ZERO_RESULTS in some circumstances – FIXED
Fusion Builder jQuery chosen conflicts with GD jQuery chosen – FIXED
Category are not unticked on page refresh for map post type other than default – FIXED
WPML duplicate should not be posts edited from frontend – FIXED
“Place” and “Places” in latest core PO file is not translating anymore – FIXED
WPML “view all” does not use the translated CPT slug – FIXED
White spaces in multiselect comma separated custom fields does not ticked in edit form – FIXED
Ultimate VC Addons script breaks backend add/edit listings – FIXED
Widget CPT Categories has extra closing ul tag – FIXED
[#user_email#] shortcode variable is not working in listing notification emails – FIXED
Some WPML compatibility fix – FIXED
Fix issue for plugin installation via WP-CLI – FIXED
Detail page previous and next links broken if WPML is active – FIXED

V 1.6.15


Filters added to admin BCC emails – ADDED
Twenty Seventeen theme compatibility settings added – ADDED
No way to deactivate GA Settings, deactivation button added – ADDED
geodir_save_post_info() now faster and escapes values better – CHANGED
Google map directions not working on detail page map – FIXED
CSS issue with map category show/hide icon – FIXED
Using apostrophe(') in title breaks title in map info window – FIXED
Google Services API can conflict with newer version of the Google Service Class – UPDATED

V 1.6.11

BREAKING CHANGE: Google Analytics settings simplified, MUST be re-setup to continue use – BREAKING CHANGE
Dummy data section improved and additional industries added – ADDED
Added filters to the add listing page title and description labels for difficult translations – ADDED
alive_days column added in exported csv file – ADDED
Google Maps API key now much easier to generate from wp-admin area – CHANGED
Registration box, changed Name/Email around so to work with browser save user/pass – CHANGED
Email headers changed from string to array() and MIME-Version removed – CHANGED
Reunion (island) added and Burma removed (replaced with Myanmar) – CHANGED
Empty price field outputs 0.00, now it is not displayed – CHANGED
On detail page current location parameters should be added to the term links – CHANGED
Full screen map button class changed to have gd- prefix to avoid conflicts – CHANGED
geodir_set_as_home rule still existed from depreciated option – FIXED
Fix for primer theme edit place page – FIXED
Font awesome rating validation not working – FIXED
Admin BCC post_submit subject/message hooks not applied – FIXED
Google maps on some mobile devices adds a new span which breaks slide out menu – FIXED
Max and min map zoom levels set via hooks not working – FIXED
$extra_fields in custom field stripping slashes too early – FIXED
Payment manager restrict description input count can affect video tab – FIXED
WPML exclude cats on map does not work for translations of categories – FIXED
OpenStreetMap does not working when third party plugin using the Google Maps JS API – FIXED
GD listings query returns wrong total when category has sub categories – FIXED
On multisite after import it shows wrong directory location to upload images – FIXED
Share this section on details page removed, share this servers have been causing problems – REMOVED

V 1.6.10

Search can fail if more than one CPT but one is empty – FIXED
Search with near field can fire before geolocation returned – FIXED
Sort by farthest not working, sorts by nearest – FIXED
Change enquiry email name if owned by admin or not claimed – CHANGED

V 1.6.9

Search bar styles change (to use original GD>Design>Search>Use old non-styled form) – STYLE BREAKING CHANGE
Tab custom field hook missing htmlvar variable – FIXED
Some CSS tweaks for gd-comma-list in tabs – CHANGED
linked place marker can sometime show on details page map of original place – FIXED
Changes for custom OpenStreetMap integration – CHANGED
Option added in Popular Category Widget to show parent categories only – ADDED
Video preview placeholder shown on preview page – CHANGED
Enable location filter option added for slider widget – ADDED
Changed for WPML not getting correct lang from url – FIXED
Predefined custom fields section added to place settings – ADDED
Firefox marker title hover fails on multiple repeat hovers – FIXED
If multiple CPT but only one has posts then search CPT switcher will not show – CHANGED
$_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] returns empty host with nginx server – FIXED
Flexslider RTL chrome 53 bug, slider not showing – FIXED
Chosen select RTL display bug – FIXED
Yoast SEO meta tags should add category default image in meta – ADDED
Lazyload images not loading if they have parentheses in the url (x) – FIXED
Price output settings added to numerical text custom fields – ADDED
Settings added to remove data on plugin uninstall – ADDED

V 1.6.8

Address field output containd class post instead of post_address – FIXED
Video and special offers tabs can show twice – FIXED
Custom field position change function sometimes not run – FIXED
Multiselect custom field can now be show as comma separated by adding class `gd-comma-list` – ADDED
With Avada theme “GD Home Top Section” widgets dont work on GD Home page – FIXED

V 1.6.7

Original custom fields hook htmlvar broken – FIXED
Default custom fields not able to show in custom tab – FIXED
Function added to convert date formats – ADDED
Checkbox custom field can fail to show if previously set as own tab – FIXED

V 1.6.6

Added filter to geodir_filter_empty_terms function – ADDED
Best of widget not showing lazyload images on ajax change – FIXED
Added action hooks to login widget for social buttons – ADDED
Changed the way fullscreen map works for more compatibility – CHANGED
Mouse scroll zoom control setting not working for OpenStreetMap – FIXED
Popular post view widget -> “Post Type:” setting not working on CPT pages – FIXED
Responsive video shortcode – ADDED
Claim listing error message incorrect class – FIXED
Address field not showing the same on prview page – FIXED
Options added in CPT categories widget to disable viewing post type & category filters – ADDED
Server side marker clustering not working with OpenStreetMap – FIXED
BuddyPress admin bar not availble for non admin users – FIXED
Fixed map marker title special characters encoding – FIXED
Let popup forms template override from theme – FIXED
Added a filter to modify My Dashboard widget title – ADDED
Map routing direction feature added for detail page OpenStreetMap – CHANGED
Ajax pagination not working when more then gd_listings shortcodes added to the same page – FIXED

V 1.6.5

Location page breadcrumb now uses location page slug – CHANGED
Date custom field date formats now more standardized – CHANGED
Claimed column added in exported listings csv file – FIXED
Imported images with spaces are not loaded via the lazyload function – FIXED
GD Listings shortcode extended with the “tags” parameter to filter listings by tags – ADDED
fgetcsv ignores special characters when they are at the beginning of line – FIXED
When a CPT has no listing it replaces the blank CPT name in meta titles – FIXED
Map un-ticked cats wrong on first load if default place CPT not used – FIXED
Nearest option added to related listings – ADDED
Add listing shortcode can sometimes show form twice – FIXED
My Favorite page uses first listing author name instead of logged in user name – FIXED
Is active option removed from the address field to avoid confusion – CHANGED
Unable to populate dummy data with OpenStreetMap enabled – FIXED
Editor/Authors can access some parts of the backend even if setting set to not allow – FIXED
Listing success template now uses author sidebar instead of details page sidebar – CHANGED
Popup forms changed to placeholders and html5 validation – CHANGED

V 1.6.4

Date custom field can sometimes display default date on preview page – FIXED
Average review added back to sidebar – CHANGED
& symbol causing problem in listing tag display – FIXED
Option added to export listings which are published between specific dates – CHANGED
Listings shortcode paging not working with lazy load images – FIXED
Google maps now required API KEY, setting added – FIXED

V 1.6.3

Popular post categories widget not adhering to default post type setting – FIXED
OpenStreetMap breaks images on https sites when SSL is active – FIXED
Show page content for all GD pages – ADDED
jQuery chosen conflicts causes problem when add new region/city in backend add listing – FIXED
gd-Navi CSS min-width set to avoid hiding on small screens – FIXED
Lazy load GD images option added in Design>Scripts – ADDED
Wrong class spelling for search widget shortcode – FIXED
dummy data images are being cached now – ADDED
No reviews link points to #respond instead of #reviews – FIXED
Filter added to make telephone linkable in home map bubble – ADDED
Switching themes will persist GD widgets but now keep theme specific widget settings – FIXED
If new import has new featured image it does not set it properly as featured image – FIXED
Beaver Builder plugin has problems with draft posts when GD installed – FIXED
Second line menus items can show over first line sub menu items becase of z-index – FIXED
Changed load_textdomain to init hook for WPML compatibility – CHANGED
Text `Listing Title` and `Listing Description` changed to CPT specific – CHANGED
Added filter to modify special offers tab content – ADDED
switching post type on home map are persistent now – CHANGED
Multiselect custom field now output as comma separated list instead of ul – CHANGED
Apostrophe problem in address field – FIXED

V 1.6.1

OpenStreetMap integration added for maps – ADDED (BETA)
Log the WP error in debug.log with csv row number when fail to import listing – ADDED
Added filters for client and admin emails – ADDED
Option added to remove details page tabs and show as list – ADDED
Added filter hook to listing slider widget – ADDED
Hide the empty categories on the map – CHANGED
Removed DONOTCACHEPAGE for frontpage as it is no longer dynamic for locations – CHANGED
GD Search widget bug with Display Widgets plugin – FIXED
Single select extra info value not showing when output – FIXED
Function geodir_get_post_meta() returns false value when field has value 0(zero) – FIXED
If CPT order is changed from default the homepage categories dont change – FIXED
Large number of categories slow down the add listing page – FIXED
geodir_setup_submit_search() can set multiple click events on search submit – FIXED
New Avada theme can break search filters depending on settings – FIXED

V 1.6.0

GD export should not export deleted listings – CHANGED
Edited by author message should not fire when using GD import – CHANGED
get_currentuserinfo() Depreciated and removed/changed – FIXED
Option added to show custom text when no listings found in gd_listings shortcode – CHANGED
Page number variables added for titles & metas description – CHANGED
Forgot Password link not working – FIXED
The category icon and default image uploader no longer working with WP 4.5 – FIXED
Now able to set source category id for WPML translated categories in GD Import/Export – CHANGED
GD Import/Export imports wrong latitudes values – FIXED
JS error on hovering listings in some cases – FIXED

V 1.5.9

New parameter “post_author” added in [gd_listings] shortcode to filter listings by author – ADDED
The slider thumbnails are not working as expected when many listings are displayed – FIXED
Excluded categories printed when selecting a category on add listing page – FIXED
Var GEODIRECTORY_PLUGIN_DIR was not defined if server falls back to PHP sessions – FIXED
Fontawesome star rating colour CSS missing a closing bracket – FIXED
If map shows multiple CPT, clicking current selected CPT shows loading div constantly – FIXED
Quotes in csv title import break maps – FIXED
If domain name contain CPT and home page is set to current location then it breaks the links on listing pages – FIXED
geodir_is_page() fails if post_type query var is an array – FIXED
Features widget add item button does not do anything for new widgets – FIXED
Added option to bounce marker pin on listing hover on listing page – ADDED
Multinews theme compatibility changes for new version – FIXED
Add listing neighbourhood via GD import/export listings – CHANGED
If apostrophe in option value then it disappears from the selected option values – FIXED
Display cpt/category name in the advanced pagination info – CHANGED
Send notification to Admin when listing edited by Author – ADDED
Added new filter for search terms `geodir_search_better_search_terms` – ADDED
Search with single quotes does not return results – FIXED
Tag and Cat labels on details page easier to translate – CHANGED
Options added to check/refresh analytics data and to set time interval for auto refresh results – ADDED
Some PHP7 compatibility changes – CHANGED

V 1.5.8

Local .mo file path points to wrong location – FIXED
Debugging notice printing on plugins.php page – FIXED

V 1.5.7

GD Export should split requests to skip out of memory problem – FIXED
Added filters to change img urls for uses like CDN – ADDED
Added filters to be able to add your own vars to titles and meta – ADDED
Some plugins/themes can unset the page_id which breaks some features – FIXED
Events with long running times sometimes not showing on the map – FIXED
Some notification subjects not translatable – FIXED
Datepicker custom filed now has filter to add extra params – ADDED
Visual Composer can throw error for widget view all links – FIXED
Added TouristAttraction schema type for categories – ADDED
Added filter to be able to add/remove schema types – ADDED
Notifications email messages sent by GD should be translatable – FIXED
Changes for the neighbourhood system improvement – CHANGED
id & style class added to custom field type fieldset – ADDED
Home map shortcode now supports latitude longitude args – ADDED
Made few changes for W3C validation – CHANGED
Font awesome updated to 4.5.0 – CHANGED
New filter added to use group by clause in map marker query – ADDED
Custom field option values should be translatable – FIXED
Permalink pages settings saving on a different wpml language breaks pages settings – FIXED
Added filter to be able to search listing results map json – ADDED
Able to enter title for url fields with “|” separator like “|GeoDirectory” – CHANGED
Listing width option does not working in related listing widget – FIXED
For category field type “select” it should add parent category also when a sub-category is selected – FIXED
Slight change to tax meta class for compatibility with some themes – CHANGED
Added hooks to add listing success page message – ADDED
Schema filter/function added $post param – CHANGED
GD login doesn’t allows login by email if site is using SSL – FIXED
Description word limit to zero in GD -> Design -> Listings doesn’t hide listing description – FIXED
Url custom field uses default value for link text if present – CHANGED
Default image should not displayed on listing detail preview page – FIXED
Changes to implement location import/export for multilocations – CHANGED
Not able to create new custom field with type checkbox if default value entered – FIXED
GeoDirectory Session class added to manage sessions – ADDED
Deleting custom field not deletes the field from sorting fields table – FIXED
Address field sort option removed – CHANGED
Font Awesome support added for rating images – ADDED
Some servers fail if a POST value is VARCHAR so we change it to XVARCHAR for post – CHANGED
Hide tags and description fields if char limit set to ZERO for fields – CHANGED
WordPress function wp_get_http is deprecated, removed and replaced – CHANGED

V 1.5.6

Filter added to modify unfavorite icon – ADDED
New widget added to display content like features – ADDED
Body classes added to GD pages for each page – ADDED
Added ability to show upgrade warning messages for major changes – ADDED
Tick parent category should not tick sub-categories but untick parent category should untick sub-categories – CHANGED
Schema description HTML tags now removed – CHANGED
In add listing form sub-categories are no longer showing in hierarchy for checkbox display type – FIXED
Details page map can have overlaping sidebar map elements – FIXED
URL Schema can have validation error – FIXED
Multiselect fields with {optgroup} sometimes not creating a list – FIXED
Option added to export max number listings per csv file to fix out of memory issue – FIXED
The recent reviews widget ignores 1 star reviews – FIXED
Multiselect custom field “Display Type” option doesn’t save on first attempt – FIXED
Apostrophe in location name breaks the maps – FIXED
JS warning Google maps sensor no longer required – FIXED

V 1.5.5

Added charset parameter to case conversion functions – ADDED
Filter `geodir_filter_title_variables_location_arr` added to filter the location variables for titles/meta – ADDED
Shortcode added for CPT categories widget – ADDED
Added geodir_review_form_args, gd_rating_form_html, geodir_get_rating_stars_html filters – ADDED
Some changes for PHP7 – CHANGED
New actions added to customize listing not found message – CHANGED
Avada compat CSS updated to adjust search button position – FIXED
GD category page CPT slug does not change when switching language with WPML – FIXED
Search form url not keeping the language in the url with WPML – FIXED
Homepage page_id query var not set and can cause problems with Yoast SEO – FIXED
All CPT text are translatable using db translation – FIXED
Advance search submit button fixed – FIXED
Pagination not working when location selected – FIXED
Breadcrumb HTML does not wrap correctly for a small screens or in a mobile – FIXED
Post type archive link not working when “add city slug in listing urls” for location – FIXED
Tested with WP 4.4 – NOTICE

V 1.5.4

Best of widget Option added to display reviews in excerpt – ADDED
New widget added: CPT Categories – ADDED
New action “geodir_infowindow_meta_before” added in map marker info window – ADDED
Yoast meta title, description & keywords now also works with %location% tag – ADDED
GeoProperty theme compatibility pack – ADDED
Structured data now uses JSON-LD and can be filtered to add more info – ADDED
Schema type option added to categories for structured data – ADDED
Categories tax meta “cat_schema” is manageable using import/export – ADDED
HTML5 validation added to email, number, tel and url custom fields – ADDED
HTML5 pattern validation option added to text custom fields – ADDED
Options added for location specific urls like /country/city/ & /region/city/ – ADDED
Titles & Metas section added for changing GD page meta titles and descriptions – ADDED
Some page titles now editable in the Titles & Metas section – ADDED
Page titles compatible with WP 4.4 – ADDED
%%location%%, %%in_location%%, %%location_single%% and %%in_location_single%% now compatible with Yoast (WPSEO) – ADDED
Error message added when creation/edit of custom field fails – ADDED
Case conversion functions replaced with custom function to support unicode languages – CHANGED
Double words like `Place Categories` now easier to translate as one – CHANGED
Able to get WP_Error on post save failure in geodir_save_listing() – CHANGED
Use get_site_url() instead of home_url() – CHANGED
Map tick box HTML changed for compatibility – CHANGED
Default home page map width changed to 100% from 960px – CHANGED
Excerpt more filter now only applied to GD post types – CHANGED
Changed creation of url custom field from varchar 255 to text for longer urls – CHANGED
Map popup image margins and padding set to 0 !important for compatibility – CHANGED
Default category can be set by “default_category” in csv import – CHANGED
New GD Home page created and setting depreciated for overriding normal home page – CHANGED
Email subjects and messages can now be translated in .po file if original messages is used – CHANGED
Select and multiselect custom fields now exactly set their own max length in the DB so to not use as many bytes – CHANGED
In listing search form spinner icon customized with font-awesome spinner – CHANGED
Bootstrap styles can alter the popular categories count number position – FIXED
Location switcher ajax search not working with accents chars – FIXED
Image gallery lightbox popup image stretches problem with some themes – FIXED
Yoast SEO is unable to overwrite the home page meta title – FIXED
With multi ratings the comment sorting is reversed then selected under settings -> discussion – FIXED
Event after map marker opened extended to prevent FireFox reclosing marker with server side clustering addon – FIXED
Search unable to find listings for a particular keyword in the content – FIXED
Email address with .coop TLD not validated – FIXED
Related listing widget does not reset the $post value properly – FIXED
Custom field type fieldset should not import/export in csv file – FIXED
On home page map categories menu not able to click on down arrow of scroll bar – FIXED

V 1.5.3

New widget “CPT Categories” added to list categories – ADDED
New GD page gd-info added for displaying info messages – ADDED
New GD page gd-login added for login/register – ADDED
Jobby compatibility pack – ADDED
Changes made for marker cluster addon to allow server side clustering – ADDED
listing-preview page template removed as details page template now used – CHANGED
New login page now compatible with buddypress registration form for redirect option – CHANGED
GD import speed improved – CHANGED
Hit enter to search delayed by 100ms so other functions have a chance to change settings – CHANGED
Email custom field now used mailto: for the address and filter added to change the name output – CHANGED
Preview page missing address closing div which can break the footer in some themes – FIXED
Visiting a place while session is set ot another location can show wrong breadcrumbs – FIXED
If tax query has ‘relation’ set then it will throw WARNING in wp_list_pluck – FIXED
In some cases with https when saving a listing it can change image url – FIXED
Cyrillic letters does not supported in GD Import – FIXED
Event map infowindow not showing dates properly – FIXED
Conflicts due to same id for password field in login and register form – FIXED
Avatar links to the member page are inconsistent – FIXED
Map popups with no image can be malformed on some themes – FIXED
WPML listings not exports original post id for some listings – FIXED
Datepicker custom field can show wrong date on edit if left blank on save – FIXED
Google maps zoom and street view buttons hidden with new Google layout – FIXED
Some large imports can stop at 98/99% but are actually finished – FIXED
Image popup modal on detail page doesn’t resize according to screen size – FIXED
Editing CPT tag not updating tag for associated CPT listing – FIXED
Unused css image classes removed – REMOVED

V 1.5.2

Filter added to change recent reviews excerpt length – ADDED
General option added to set if user deleted posts go to trash or are permanently deleted – ADDED
Added filter for adding the location to the url, so it can be filtered from addons – ADDED
Upgrade function `gd_fix_cpt_rewrite_slug` set to run on every upgrade incase a user misses a version – CHANGED
Details page mobile tabs view improved – CHANGED
Date custom field default format of mm/dd/yy added and descriptions of each format added for better understanding – CHANGED
Changed textdomain from defined constant to a string ‘geodirectory’ – CHANGED
Awesome font upgraded with new Awesome font version 4.4.0 – CHANGED
Map view type TERRAIN option added for all the maps – FIXED
Renamed Directory_Theme to Directory_Starter – FIXED
Avada box style not working for some pages – FIXED
Share this links to details pages can sometimes cause JS error from jQuery history hash object – FIXED
WPML, other translation links on details pages can be broken when viewing on non default language – FIXED
Details table limiting city,region,country names to 30 char, some region names are longer, changed to 50 char – FIXED
Image file for custom field not enlarging using modal if displayed as tab on detail page – FIXED
IE map infowindow can appear very small in height – FIXED
Popup custom field image file in lightbox modal not working on home page and listing pages – FIXED
Details map and details page map widget mapview not changing from ROADMAP – FIXED

V 1.5.1

Add a filter to override comment avatar size from themes – ADDED
Added some code to override reviews template from theme – ADDED
Image file for custom field can be enlarged using modal – ADDED
Countries Caribbean Netherlands and Curaçao added to the country DB – ADDED
Moved out avatar from reviews header – CHANGED
Changed terms and conditions link from a text input to a page select under GD>Permalinks for WPML compatibility – CHANGED
Disabling address change on marker move now also includes map drag on add listing page – CHANGED
New map infowindow style added to be more consistent on different size maps – CHANGED
Option added in popular post category widget to set default posttype – CHANGED
Some filters added in best of widget – CHANGED
All widgets changed from PHP4 style constructors to PHP5 __construct, for WordPress 4.3 – CHANGED
Default sort by titles not translatable – FIXED
Listings permalinks are broken if slug matches part of host or base url – FIXED
Popular post view widget is no longer stripping HTML in the excerpt – FIXED
Bottom section widget area inside wrapper div – FIXED
Review text first paragraph not wrapped in `p` tags – FIXED
Recurring events no working with GD import & export – FIXED
Category limit no longer counting child categories – FIXED
In popular post widget View All link in not correct if location filter disabled – FIXED
If WPSEO static blog page set GD homepage title wrong – FIXED

V 1.5.0

Added two hooks to search queries – ADDED
Option added to customize pagination with “Showing results x-y of z” – ADDED
Info for PHP settings requirements added on GD Import & Export page – ADDED
User ID column added in attachments table – ADDED
is_approved and caption columns added in attachments table – ADDED
Listing slider widget can now show more than one listing at a time – CHANGED
Some JS and CSS files removed/reorganised – CHANGED
Changes for Genesis child theme fixes – CHANGED
Import/export we now try to use ini_set to extend the execution times, if ini_set() can’t be use we show manual settings notification – CHANGED
5px margin added to grid view titles – CHANGED
Error messaged on user registration border changed from green to red to denote errors – CHANGED
Moved login/reg function to be called on wp_loaded rather than init so other plugins have a chance to hook in if needed – CHANGED
Popular post widget set to use “All” if no category selected – CHANGED
Google analytic countries throws error – FIXED
Some PHP warnings removed when installing – FIXED
User level Subscriber not shown Google Analytics stats – FIXED
GeoDirectory custom script & css should not be printed in backend – FIXED
Post tags has a DB limit of 254, removed this limit – FIXED
The recent reviews shortcode is missing the title attribute – FIXED
Login error on GD signup page is not appearing – FIXED
In forgot password notification user display name is not well formatted – FIXED
Wrong link passed in send enquiry notification email – FIXED
User Dashboard links not showing titles on mobile – FIXED
WPML custom posts slug translation not working with GD (requires CPT and Event addon update also) – FIXED
WPML popular post view rating on details page all the same as main post – FIXED
Import Export is now compatible with WPML – FIXED
Linked business events are not displayed on detail page for cached post – FIXED
Post images and location details not translated with WPML duplicate option – FIXED
Single post map icon not https if https is on unless uploaded via https – FIXED
Category map icon not https if https is on unless uploaded via https – FIXED
Shortcodes [#username#] & [#user_login#] added in registration notification – FIXED
Location manager select not working with genesis child themes on mobile – FIXED
Disqus comments plugin now works with blog posts but is disabled on GD posts – FIXED
Date custom field shows value even if no date entered and format can be wrong on edit – FIXED

V 1.4.9

Google Analytics extra error messages added to help users debug – ADDED
Filter login_redirect added for login after GD signup – ADDED
Added option to General>search to limit small individual words form being searched – ADDED
Added function to ad featured image to details page header so facebook will use it on url share – ADDED
Added check to not run file system check function when doing ajax calls – CHANGED
Google analytics metric changed from ga:sessions to ga:pageviews – CHANGED
Google maps home map loads categories on first load instead of via ajax after page load – CHANGED
Google Analytics days of week now translatable – FIXED
Broken image link can break the image upload button when editing – FIXED
Best of widget now supports multiple uses per page – FIXED
Google Analytics Countries now translatable – FIXED
Cyrillic characters not exporting correctly in import/export – FIXED
With WPML search results listings for all languages – FIXED
In registration send password to email note removed when user allowed choose own password – FIXED
Menu save triggering rebuilding of category count and review counts – FIXED
Genesis cat description appearing twice and title out of align if sort by present – FIXED
Google removed some JS files from their CDN which broke some Analytics, changed to cloudflare CDN – FIXED
Fields is_featured, package_id & expire_date do not working for import/export – FIXED
Default theme compatibility settings not installed on first install only on upgrade – FIXED
Social importer not showing imported images properly – FIXED
Disable dragging on map not working for all mobile devices, mainly just Apple devices – FIXED

V 1.4.8

Import/export integrated with franchise feature (new addon coming soon) – ADDED
Import/export work with parent/child category – ADDED
Added filter to be able to stop add listing address from changing when moving map pin – ADDED
Added wp_filesystem checks for systems having problems with import/export – ADDED
Send Enquiry & send to friend options removed from listings page – CHANGED
Better seo title and description for search results – CHANGED
Function codeAddress changed to geodir_codeAddress for compatibility – CHANGED
Category listing sort by rating now uses review count as second sort value – CHANGED
Autozoom assigned only for more then map markers – CHANGEDWithout filling mandatory fields click on save draft button keeps spinning – FIXED
Custom field with apostrophe sign not translated properly – FIXED
WPML not translating details page content correctly – FIXED
Google Analytics for owners stopped working due to API retirement, new improved Analytics added – FIXED
WPML copy content for translation no longer copying GD custom fields – FIXED
Add listing form upload image tool should not upload non-image files – FIXED
Genesis theme update shows menu below top widget area – FIXED

V 1.4.7

Option added to allow/restrict some file types for custom field file upload – ADDED
Some DocBlocks added for documentation – ADDED
Search not working for empty keyword search – FIXED
Review counts lost during virtual page conversion (also fixed by saving any place) – FIXED

V 1.4.6

Import & Export added for GD listings & categories – ADDED
GD pages section added to GD permalinks page – ADDED
New filter added for term link in popular category widget – ADDED
New filter added for location terms – ADDED
Map ajax requests now specifically set to return utf-8 – CHANGED
CSV Upload updated & moved under Import & Export – CHANGED
GD pages converted from virtual to normal pages – CHANGED
Validation added to avoid multiple times selection for same category – FIXED
Star ratings in sidebar not responsive for window size between 883×738 & 982×738 – FIXED
Searching function updated to find results for only matching whole words – FIXED
On sorting comment the comment text goes missing – FIXED

V 1.4.5

Slider JS missing from preview page – FIXED – SECURITY UPDATE

V 1.4.4

Listing title displaying sanitized for title attribute – ADDED
In CSV upload file new column post_status added to set listing status – CHANGED
CSS files minified and added to one file for frontend – CHANGED
JS files minified for the frontend – CHANGED
Update for Avada 3.8+ compatibility that removes the need to edit and have the header.php in child theme – CHANGED
On search pages sort options removed as sorting is done by search criteria – CHANGED
term description sometimes not showing – FIXED
CSV upload not dealing with line breaks in fields – FIXED
ADDRESS_MSG can’t be translated because it contains HTML tags – FIXED
In Best of widget listings “Best of” text not translatable – FIXED

V 1.4.3

Added $post_id param to action ‘geodir_update_postrating’ – ADDED
Removed preview button from backend for GD posts – CHANGED
In the map child categories should be checked/unchecked when parent category is checked/unchecked – FIXED
Sorting by title not working correctly – FIXED

V 1.4.2


Shortcode added for to display GeoDirectoy Listings with pagination – ADDED
Shortcode added for best of widget – ADDED
Awesome font upgraded with new Awesome font version 4.3.0 – ADDED
Added action geodir_infowindow_meta_after to infowindow – ADDED
Add to fav/remove from fav text now filterable – ADDED
[#from_email#] added as a shortcode in notification templates – ADDED
geodir_curPageURL() changed slightly for https url’s, we no longer add the port number – CHANGED
All Listings virtual page removed – CHANGED
Google api establishment term can override street address – FIXED
On home page map css class added to highlight searched post type – FIXED
Popular category count not working with ajax – FIXED
In backend geodirectory style conflicts with some themes style – FIXED
Sort by most reviews not working in widget and shortcode popular post view – FIXED
Validation added for custom permalinks in GD -> General -> Permalinks – FIXED
Recent reviews widget ratings stars color not changed with multirating color setting – FIXED
Marker cluster not working in maps added via shortcode – FIXED
After searching for a city not able to search city again without clearing Near input box – FIXED
Custom fields texts translation added – FIXED

V 1.4.1

Some DocBlocks added for documentation – ADDED
Function geodir_save_listing() now unsets the listing session before returning – CHANGED
Distances to listings should show miles/km until 0.01 rather than 1 before changing to ft/m – FIXED
Error in google review rich snippets when review rating manager plugin not active – FIXED

V 1.4.0

Custom field wording “Show on detail page” changed for clarity – CHANGED
New user registration disabled error not showing because of & – FIXED
Category icons not always updated when changed – FIXED
Search results not ordered correct if default sort_by changed – FIXED
$_SESSION[‘listing’] being cleared too early for other addons – FIXED
Options added for detail page default sections to be disabled – ADDED
Best of widget doesn’t set it’s own view at first using the last set which is 2x grid – FIXED
Category icons broken with WPML per language – FIXED
Class menu-item-has-children added to GD menu items Listings & Add Listing – FIXED
Slashes not stripped from message of send enquiry email – FIXED
CSV upload not supports formatting in description – FIXED
WPML bug, can show untranslated posts if category ID matches post ID – FIXED
Star rating images have a line at the end on safari (fixed with jQuery) – FIXED

V 1.3.9

GD > Best of widget added (similar to yelp best of section) – ADDED
added filter to function geodir_curPageURL – ADDED
Search changed for better individual word results – CHANGED
Excerpt length hook priority changed so it’s not overriden by avada – CHANGED
Several W3C validation fixes/changes made – CHANGED
Popular Categories widget improved loading time, reduced SQL queries and added ajax switcher per CPT – CHANGED
Upload error message can now be translated – FIXED
Virgin islands have duplicate entries in country list, removed from db install script – FIXED
Switching between listing types can add an aditional “enable dragging” message – FIXED
Category widget has a default of 15 changing this in widget does not take affect – FIXED
Dummy data can sometimes not delete post_details info – FIXED
Recent reviews widget can sometimes show replies as reviews – FIXED
Share this button JS not loaded over HTTPS if requested – FIXED
Preview page on mobile can sometime scroll to content section – FIXED

V 1.3.8

New set of shortcodes ADDED
Some new hooks added for author page link – ADDED
Option added to increase upload max file size – ADDED
Option added to add optgroup for SELECT custom field – ADDED
Genesis theme compatibility improved – CHANGED
X theme compatibility added x-container class as instructed by X update – CHANGED
In add listing form categories selection improved for checkbox & radio inputs – CHANGED
Add listing category checkbox and radio display now put in a scrollable wrapper – CHANGED
Radio and checkbox multiselect custom fields now displayed in a scrollable wrapper – CHANGED
Avada compatibility, top widget areas some times not showing – FIXED
Meta description is messing up when the content has visual composer tags – FIXED
Avada compatibility can overwrite page width sections – FIXED
User not redirected back to add listing page when loggin in – FIXED
Enfold listing on BuddyPress not aligned right – FIXED
More categories button not revealing more categories – FIXED
Search bar going to CPT listing page instead of search template – FIXED
when deleting posts from multisite, they can be removed from other sites details table – FIXED
details page scrolls to profile tab on mobile – FIXED
popular post widget can sometimes not show custom fields on some non GD pages – FIXED
Listing detail page images slider not working it current locale is RTL – FIXED
Sticky map in listings page doesn’t work correctly with enfold theme – FIXED
Option added to enable/disable map dragging for phone devices – FIXED
No ability to remove the file from GD file options in settings – FIXED

V 1.3.6

map height can now use “vh” (vertical height) to set map height as a % of browser window height – ADDED
Phone numbers now clickable to dial on mobile – ADDED
Some new hooks added for signup form submit link, new user from link, add listing, my listings & my favorites listings in GeoDirectory user dashboard widget – ADDED
Added function geodir_get_post_rating($post_id) to get post average rating – ADDED
Option added to disable rating on comments without disabling comments – ADDED
Changed rating DB overall_rating from total to average – CHANGED
Upload and import CSV improved by using ajax progress-bar to work also with large files – CHANGED
Ajax chained category seelct now does split word search (you can now search ‘food’ for ‘thai food’) – CHANGED
add listing page redirect if not logged in was not url encoded and caused problems on some servers – FIXED
login redirect can cause problems if redirect_to used when signing up – FIXED
form popups on mobile is hard to see close button – FIXED
stripe payment returns error if directions autocomplete enabled on map – FIXED
Field type file can’t be added to a tab – FIXED
Place holders in GD > Loginbox widget dropdowns place holder should never be clickable – FIXED
Reviews counter not updated on listings after removing comment – FIXED
Map info windows are too inconsistent in sizes and shapes – FIXED
Searching for the listing now more flexible – FIXED
Cannot assign listing to a sub of sub-category – FIXED
Details page tabs now work if pushed on to two rows – FIXED

V 1.3.5

Added option to select default map view in the LISTING map widget – ADDED
Get directions now uses google address autocomplete – ADDED
added ability to be able to use category slug in CSV import as well as name – ADDED
flexslider JS file updated and minimised – CHANGED
“geodirectory-chosen-jquery” script definition changed to “chosen” for compatability – CHANGED
Prev/Next links can appear wrong in some ocasions – FIXED
Sort order not working on search results – FIXED
WPML can sometimes activates with errors – FIXED
Conical url conflict if wp_seo used and a page is set for blog posts – FIXED
add listing page seems to redirect and show another page before signup – FIXED
if a widget sets the grid_view before the main listings then then view can be changed for main listings – FIXED
m,miles,meters,feet now all transaltable from core – FIXED
Sort by overall_rating not sorting correct for some listings – FIXED
Images in image tab on details page don’t align corect on mobile – FIXED
Lighbox images too not responsive on mobile – FIXED
details slider can become unresponsive – FIXED
send to firend/enquiry can show wrong post link in email details – FIXED

V 1.3.4

Changed GD menu position to a decimal to avoid menu position conflicts – ADDED
Tool added to sync category values for post that have empty cat values in details table – ADDED
On edit post page in backend the view post link was broken – FIXED
translation of js message ‘Cannot determine address at this location.’ breaks code if contains apostrophy – FIXED
Popular post view widget not WPML compatable if categories not selected – FIXED
GD menu can overlap wordpress version footer – FIXED
In CPT settings if you set the category to show on the listings page or the details page it does not work/show – FIXED
In the backend upload of multiple images doesn’t work if there is a custom image field added – FIXED

V 1.3.3

added font-awesome to non GD pages in wp-admin so new notifications system can use them – ADDED
Added option to allow user to choose own pasword on registration – ADDED
Basic location switcher CSS simplified for better theme compatability – CHANGED
Stoped GD from saving non-GD taxonomies to main details table – CHANGED
details page map directions position off in safari – FIXED
send to friend not recognising new email domains – FIXED
Listing Published Successfully sometime sent to place email instead of user email – FIXED
if location prefix is changed old url is now redirected to new one – FIXED

V 1.3.2

(Clear all GD version numbers) tool added, this allows install/upgrade functions to run again – ADDED
excerpt for popular post widget not working if limited – FIXED
adding category icon button can sometime not work for some sites – FIXED
edit button for permalink missing on GD post types – FIXED
details page tab content is now showen before JS has finished loading – CHANGED

V 1.3.1

GT Tools db checks tool improved – ADDED
when adding new place Undefined property: stdClass::$gd_eventcategory can be thrown – FIXED
function to limit excerpt not working correctly – FIXED

V 1.3.0

Ireland city locations returned from Google API improved, you might have to merge cities to fix – ADDED ###BREAKING CHANGE###
Location text sometime not translated on location page – FIXED
Favourites not showing unless author owns the listing – FIXED
If an empty tag array is present it breaks the details page – FIXED
Navigation locations now saved per theme, so will remain on theme switch or upgrade – FIXED
Popular post view widget now showing duplicates if a listing is in 2 categories – FIXED
Home map settings moved to map screen – CHANGED
Yoast plugin adding category name twice to title – FIXED
New filter “geodir_template_part-widget-listing-listview” added for template file widget-listing-listview.php – FIXED
Rating stars have a style issue in Safari – FIXED
Option menu “My listings” does not get added in the dashboard widget if you have draft listing but no published listing – FIXED
Url redirect problem for crawler if view all url has not trailing slash in location page listing – FIXED
No message(invalid email/email already registered) displayed on registration fail – FIXED
Quick edit for listings in backend seems to be buggy – FIXED
Distance units(meters, miles, km, feet) in search results page are not translatable – FIXED
Width of listing left section option “geodir_width_listing_left_section” does not save value in the database when adding from admin – FIXED
Listing slider has large spacing on mobile – FIXED
Option added to display details sidebar on left side or right side of detal page – ADDED
Send notification email to listing owner when listing moves from draft to published – ADDED
BCC option added for admin to receive notification when listing moves from draft to published – ADDED
If the search text box wasn’t in used ” removed form page title – ADDED
IE < 10, home map show no or reduced markers due to no placeholder text and Title sen as search param – FIXED
Some ajax functions like add to fav fail if FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is enabled – FIXED
google geolocation script now loaded via // not http:// – CHANGED
Modual popups not working on IEmap settings – ADDED
Add to fav ajax url has extra / that can cause itt o fail on some servers – FIXED
If all cats on map are unticked map will now show all cats for easier single cat selection – ADDED
CURL not installed warning message added – ADDED
Places CPT labels are not translatable from core – FIXED
GD Tools page added to help with common user issues – ADDED
CSV tags show on backend but not frontend – FIXED
Sync GD tags tool added to fix tags showing in backend but not front from CSV import – ADDED
Dummy data tags can sometimes be broken – FIXED
Virtual pages check tool added to check if virtual pages are installed properly – ADDED
Multisite DB conversion check tool added to check if DB tables have been renamed properly – ADDED
Ratings check tool added to check if ratings location and content data have been copied properly – ADDED
Status of post added to author page for logged in authors – ADDED
Neighbourhood filtering problems with map, popular post and event listings – FIXED
Listing slider widget can break on non GD pages – FIXED
added backend posting validation – ADDED
location page now uses it’s own template – FIXED
location page template can be replaced in child theme – FIXED
facebook and twitter share lnks fail on https – FIXED
renamed function sec2hms to geodir_sec2hms for compatability – CHANGED

V 1.2.7

Error cannot redeclare get_formated_date() – FIXED
Option added to disable GD modal for images slideshow on detail page photo tab – ADDED
Details page throws error if place has no category assigned – FIXED
Dashboard links to favorites only working if “Allow post type to add from frontend” ticked – FIXED
Strings “Reply text” and “Post Reply” in comments should be able to be translated – FIXED
GD > Popular Post View widget listings not filtered correctly on non GD pages – FIXED
For date custom field if date format is dd/mm/yy then it saving wrong date – FIXED
RTL compatibility problems with plugins menu, it hides the screen – FIXED
Custom field types fieldset, radio, checkbox allowed to displayed in listing detail tab – ADDED
Option added to untick the category by default on the home map – ADDED
Decimal option (Custom fields) truncates trailing zeros – FIXED
Option added in popular post view widget to show listings using current viewing post type – ADDED
Map search field label “Title or Keyword” changed to “Title” – ADDED
Recent reviews widget, link added to the review to the detail page – ADDED
Custom css classes added for each the listing row to identify featured and post type listing – ADDED
Option added to filter listings with “Featured” and “High Rating” in the Listing Slider Widget – ADDED
Problem when uploading listing images with image name has more then one dot(.) – FIXED
For CPT page Location name / Category name added in meta title – ADDED
Option added to make custom field available to site admin only, so site admin only able to edit that field – ADDED
If no rating star selected for review then it should save minimum 1 rating – FIXED
Adding a default sort option messes with search sort options, this should not be the case – FIXED
Location url prefix meta title “Location” not translated – FIXED
Custom field type multiselect in add listing form is not mobile friendly – FIXED
Multi select can’t be totally de-selected – FIXED
Option added whether to use wordpress media large image size or to use geodirectory default large size during image upload – ADDED
Added A-Z sort option for popular post widget – ADDED
Apostrophe in post title adds backslash – FIXED
Post type name not translatable in breadcrum – FIXED
Post type name not translatable in my dashboard – FIXED

V 1.2.4

Option added at admin site Custom Fields settings for posts types to display custom fields as a tab on post detail page. – ADDED
Display the actual name in breadcrums. – ADDED
Option of character limitation added for post tags and description for custom price packages. – ADDED
Read more link displayed twice on post listings. – FIXED
Wrong value for ratings count. – FIXED
Expire date sort order not sorting right – FIXED
css class now separate for each google map of home page, listing page & detail page – ADDED
Blank index.php added to each directory – ADDED
Recent posts widget disappear because of conflict between “query_posts” of the popular post view widget & the recent posts widget even using wp_reset_query – FIXED
Javascript email validator not working for domain like – FIXED
Option added in popular post category widget to display number of categories before More Categories link – ADDED
Permalink should not be changed on every listing title edit – ADDED
Map full screen button overlaps gmap controls on mobile – FIXED
Add listing page problem with WPML Multilanguage plugin – FIXED
If 2 CPT have categories with identical names, it is impossible to hide the categories of one CPT without hiding the categories of the other CPT – FIXED
For custom field checkbox, if unchecked for listing then it shows as false value when should just not show – FIXED

V 1.2.3

additional fields not saving if listing added from backend – FIXED
Menu customized under home page map to select post type – ADDED
For popular post view widget number of filters added such as: 1) Show only featured listings 2) Show only listings with pics 3) show only listings with special offers 4) show only listings with videos. – ADDED
Fields should not display on map popup if disabled in price package. – FIXED
Body class for signup page shouldn’t be .home. – FIXED
When edit the default location it deletes all the listings associated with default location instead of update listings. – FIXED
Attribute rel=”nofollow” added to external links(website/facebook/twitter) in detail page, to exclude google to flag the website as selling link and penalise it. – ADDED
WP tags conflict with enfold theme – FIXED
Add listing links should use singular not plural – FIXED
Awesome font upgraded with new Awesome font version 4.2.0 – ADDED
get_current_theme depreciated, replaced with wp_get_theme – FIXED
On the overall listing page the meta description in the source code is empty. – FIXED
Image upload limits says “0” in backend – FIXED
“Enter Your Location” now translatable – FIXED
Directions default miles/km now set from search settings – ADDED

V 1.2.2

additional fields not saving if listing added from backend – FIXED
Menu customized under home page map to select post type – ADDED

V 1.2.1

Small amount of servers fail to send mail f “To:” header used, so we have removed it – FIXED
Thumbnail images shaking in firefox becasue of firefox bug – FIXED
Function to reattatch images called on every load (could slow down big sites) – FIXED
Genesis slider compatibility issue – FIXED
Popular category widgets takes past events into consideration to disaply the event count. – FIXED
added option to hide latitude and logatude boxes from front end (just hide not remove) add this option to the place settings field for address. – ADDED

V 1.2.0

CSS change for mobile to fix image height of listings – FIXED
This field is required. now translatable – FIXED
itemprop=”url” using default location if location manager installed – FIXED
Custom map styling hook – Added
Enque geodirectory js in admin only when user is using Geodirectory setting pages – FIXED
Show my favorite and My listing link only when user has at least one listing in a post type – Fixed
On home map you can colapse sub categories but there is no way to get them to show on the frontend, the html is there and they show on the map but there is no way to get the manue item to expand to view the checkbox – ADDED
T&C’s not opening in new tab becasue of missing = after target – FIXED
If Location manager installed new post email would give link with default location – FIXED
Placeholder text not showing in old browsers such as IE7 etc – FIXED
Custom feild time format not correct after saving – FIXED
Changed spelling of “favorite” from UK to US – CHANGED
Some spelling mistakes – FIXED
Added option to prepend the Near search box for google geocode to allow for speific areas – ADDED

V 1.1.8

Few Notices error after 1.1.6 upgrade – FIXED
When click on thumbnails in photo tab on detail page, popup appears twice in enfold theme – FIXED
Added a new filter on Map info window html to make it possible to alter – ADDED
Added css for multi checkbox custom file alignment – ADDED
if user just type /add-listing/ then it will be redirector to add listing on default post type – FIXED
Added location parameters in page title on post type and taxonomy archive pages – ADDED
Allow html tags for html and textarea fields – ADDED
Added classes and divs on More info tab content on listing detail page – ADDED
display meaninful message when csv data address is different then default address if multilocation is not enabled – ADDED
Modal popup for other themes with modal installed -FIXED
Recent reviews widget (still needs location filter function) – ADDED
Related listings grid view now uses backend setting – FIXED
Styles to be loaded before theme css – FIXED
New strings in translation file – UPDATED
Core, add rating can add higher rating if CSS altered – FIXED

V 1.1.6

Next page gives 404 on tag list page – FIXED
Allows the user to click outside the modal (eg on the translucent bg) to close the modal box if they don’t click the (x) – FIXED
Condition file_exists when images remove from temp folder. – ADDED
– post_functions.php line no.744
Change Video and special offers tab name when update from admin section – ADDED
– geodirectory_hooks_actions.php line no. 1097
Correct english language issue : Deactivate all GeoDirectory dependent add-ons first before deactivating GeoDirectory.
on add listing post latitude and longgitude validation. – ADDED
– geodirectory_new\geodirectory-assets\js\listing_validation.js
define variable lat and long error validation – ADDED
– language.php
localize variable lat and long error- ADDED
– geodirectory_hooks_actions.php
Enabled google analytic in core too – FIXED
points 1 to 3 add id “geodir_{field id}_row” on add listing for each field.
– geodirectory_hooks_actions.php
– geodirectory_template_actions.php
– custom_fields_functions.php
csv upload error
add ini_set(‘auto_detect_line_endings’, true); for specify csv file and wp_kses_normalize_entities function($cat_name) to category get by name ( if add ‘&’ within cat name)
– admin_functions.php
function to check if requested page is geodirectory page or not. – FIXED
On mobile the dashboard is missing all of the dropdown menus. – FIXED

V 1.1.5

Google analytic function missing – FIXED
Germany and Neatherlands to use other regions name – FIXED
Warning in page title when a custom theme is used – FIXED
condition if posttype is geodir’s post type – ADDED
– post_functions.php line no. 1694 function geodir_delete_listing_info
If domain name contains city , state or country in it, it replaces it with blank – FIXED
When marker is moved it changes address formet – FIXED
custom file upload (upload logo or document) on add listing not display on detail page, listing page, detail sidebar. – FIXED
Template path, and template file name for home_page.php to geodir-home.php, geodir_singup.php to geodir-signup.php -CHANGED
Fatal Error activating Widget Logic – FIXED
Change Listings to My Listing and My Favorite to My Favorites in user dashboard links – CHANGED
new localize variable for geodir_default_maker_icon. – ADDED
– godirectory_hooks_actions.php
if input.i(icon) blank than use geodir_default_maker_icon variable. – FIXED
– map.js
if cat icon not find than blank icon before pinpoint. – FIXED
– listing-listview.php
on add listing not select default category then auto first cat change as default. – FIXED
– geodirectory_new\geodirectory-functions/post_functions.php

V 1.1.3

if window post_author notice (undefine) and in new post preview page author favourite link and comment link hide. FIXED
– post_functions.php line no. 1560
require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-admin/includes/image.php’); for undefine ‘wp_generate_attachment_metadata’ function error. FIXED
– post_functions.php line no. 2060
line no.1531 comment $geodir_num_dates++; its not use in any plugin and not define.
breadcrumb issue in geodir-functions/custom_taxonomy_hooks_actions.php – FIXED
new function geodir_term_exists(); in taxonomy_functions.php – ADDED

V 1.1.2

if custom field front-end title blank than only ‘:'(collon) display, so collon in condition and custom field’s image cover full size and its out of div, so use function ‘geodir_show_image()’ to display properly – FIXED
– geodirectory\geodirectory-functions\custom_fields_functions.php
map -> ‘click on set address on map’ fill location and change country, region, city – FIXED
– geodirectory\geodirectory-functions\map-functions\map_on_add_listing_page.php
added map zoom level field in widgets – FIXED
– geodirectory\geodirectory-widgets\home_map_widget.php
– geodirectory\geodirectory-widgets\listing_map_widget.php
– geodirectory\geodirectory-functions\general_functions.php
post types radio button on add listing – Added
New Templating system and action filters to manipulate them – Added

V 1.0.4

Place Categories and Place Tags on details page now translatable – FIXED
Add place maximum file size warning not displaying when exceeded – FIXED
Multiselect custom filed layout issue. – FIXED
Send Inquiry form fields label design issue. – FIXED
If reviews are disabled then hide ‘no review’ from listing. – FIXED
Map zoom level setting in home page widget. – ADDED
Inbuilt spam blocker on add/edit listing. – ADDED
Add new region, city on add listing issue. – FIXED
Description for custom file type field and validation message. – FIXED
New hook to manage badges on Listing image. – ADDED
popular categry widget count, counting trash and draft posts – FIXED

V 1.0.3

Breadcrum location link php warning -FIXED
Redirect after login can redirect off site – FIXED
Plural post types name in Navigation and on Map – CHANGED
Various CSS classes changed or added for compatibility – CHANGED
Bulk images upload via add listing page occasional bug – FIXED
Backend option to change text ‘Search for’ and ‘Near’ in search form – ADDED

V 1.0.2

Various CSS classes changed or added for compatibility – CHANGED
Show/No show  default fields in Listing and detail page. e.g Address – ADDED
Category top  description on Category page – ADDED
Ajax send inquiry form to prevent spamming – FIXED
Term and conditions field and its setting in backend – ADDED
CSV upload mime type issue – FIXED
Backend option to manage show/hide tabs on listing detail page – ADDED
Changed  site_url to home_url for notification emails – FIXED
Category icon update problem – FIXED
Changed Dashboard links to Drop downs for my listing , add listing and favorites – CHANGED
Removed a delete button for Default custom fields e.g Address – REMOVED

V 1.0.1

Responsive CSS updated – FIXED
WMPL category marker icon duplication – FIXED
Category marker images deletion problem – FIXED
Translation problem with some words – FIXED
.po default file added to translation folder – ADDED
Rich snippets and structured data added to details page – ADDED
Details page lightbox email forms now ajax loading – CHANGED
Changed the media uploader for category icons and images for easier use – CHANGED