Supreme Directory Theme is the sleekest and faster loading theme for GeoDirectory. It is a Child Theme of our free theme Directory Starter and it is free as well.

Supreme requires minimal setup, it features an eye catching home page design with a full screen featured area boosting parallax effect.

Each page can be built using popular Page Builders, the one we tested the most and we recommend is Beaver Builder.

Location Page


Each location page will look like the home page, with the exception of the page title, slogan and the featured image. In fact for each Location a custom image and slogan can be set.

Search and listings page


Search and listings page templates are inspired by the design of Airbnb. The Map is fixed and can be used both on the right or left of the listings grid.

Listing details page


The listings detail page shows a big featured image of the Listings with parallax effect, it can be used with or without tabs and content can be moved around very easily with the use of few options.

Compatible with all Add-ons and more

All add-ons play well with Supreme and we made sure that BuddyPress would be compatible too. Supreme is 100% responsive and work perfectly with all devices.

82 thoughts on “Supreme Directory

  1. Nice theme!
    How do you change the text below “New York / above the search” ? (the one that says : Discover the best places to stay, eat, shop and events near you….)

    • Hi,

      on regular pages it is a custom field, on the location pages it is set via MultiLocations >> Seo Settings.

      Please submit any future support question you may have in our support forum:

      A team of specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

      Thank you,

  2. Hi, we downloaded Supreme Directory but after the theme upload we dont see it on the themes’s dashboard.
    Does the theme works fine?

  3. Thanks Paolo!
    Does GeoD include a search for tags for local business es. Accept Credit Card, Kids Friendly, Animals…?

  4. Fatal error: Call to undefined function geodir_get_current_posttype() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\supreme-directory\functions.php on line 570

  5. Hi,

    I really like your design.
    when goes to detail page of the restaurant, where is the quick search bar? if we could have it sticky on the top, it will be great? any clue? thanks!

    • Hi,

      that would be possible if the Avada team would decide to add all templates and styling necessary to make it look like that.

      If you want to do that, be prepared to tackle an extensive customization.


  6. Hi i downloaded the theme and am not able to change the top logo and word supreme to my own. How would i go about doing this if i am even able to do this?

  7. Hi,

    I don’t see related listings links under the listing single page in your demo. Is there a way to display related listing places or events ?


  8. Hi,
    I use supreme directory theme, but I think I need to create a theme child cause when I update supreme ddirectory theme I loose my custom css.
    But I don’t know if it’s possible to create a theme child from another theme child.

  9. Hi, there is no post for support for this theme in your support section, how one can get support for this theme? i want to add search box on home page as it shows on demo. for place, event, property, job, peple etc. do not know how to do that. plz help. thanks

  10. Hi, can we make global directory using this theme? I am planning to start a travel blog with collaborative bloggers. I want to publish the attractions/ blogs in different countries. Will be possible with this theme?

  11. How do I activate supreme directory theme on my wordpress website, without changing the set theme for the other pages?

  12. Hello, I have two questions, how do I display the message Do you wish to be geolocated to listings near you ?, is it some plugin that does this?
    And on the other hand I do not fulminate the user registry, how should I do it?
    Thank you very much

    • Hi,

      GeoLocation is a feature of the advance search feature. If the second question is asking how to turn on user registration, that’s done via settings > general in WordPress dashboard. (it’s a WP option, not GeoDirectory)


  13. I have created a menu bar ( that consist of place categories) but when I place the cursor, the sub categories are not visible.How do I improve on this?

  14. Hey, i want to edit those options like hotels, night life ,restaurant options down there to make it a business directory website in other field can i do it by editing it in dashboard after downloading and installing it.

  15. Hello, so am deeply interested in this theme. I think it’s totally awesome, But I will like to know if it can be used to create a professional directory listing. Such that visitors to my website can use it to find artisans in their neighbourhood who have already registered on the site.

    Are there plugins I would have to buy to achieve this, I definitely would buy them

    • If you need to work with neighbourhoods you’ll need the location manager for sure. Other add-ons could be needed, but that depends on the features you want.

  16. Hi,
    we have installed geodirectory plugin with directory-starter theme and supreme-directory child theme.
    We have customized some files in supreme-directory child theme.
    How can we add/modify css, Filter Hooks, Action Hooks… without loose our personalization in case of an update of supreme-directory child theme?


  17. hi,

    is it multi-lingual? If it is , how come I cannot find a language switcher in the header in demo ?



    • We didn’t build a multilingual demo, but yes, all GeoDirectory products are 100% compatible with WPML. There are plenty of example in our showcase section.


    • Please create a username so that we can make you validator for that language and you can import your translation in our systems.


      p.s. comments are the worst way to get in touch with us (FYI)

  18. Hello,
    I would like to know if i could somehow let users add products to their listings and sell them. I would like my visitors to search for a product and see nearby sellers. Is that possible?

    • Hi,

      not out of the box. Something similar would require an integration with WooCommerce and one of its multi vendors plugin. Adding a new tab programatically is not difficult:

      You’ll need to add the shortcode of the multivendor plugin, adding the ID of the author of the listing so to show only the products that he sells.

      Any decent WordPress developer could do this in just few hours.


    • Hi,

      we will work on the themes right after all add-ons have been released in BETA.

      Probably by the end of the summer.

      Thank you,

  19. Hi Paolo

    I was reading the different timelines here regarding Supreme Directory Theme to change the background image in “GD Home Page” or change the Copyright legend at the footer section with CSS hardcode etc, several customization. All the solutions are working but if the template is update again all these changes will be losed.

    So If I pay my subscription, Do I need to program again all this CSS code or this changes will be able to do way Geodirectory Dashboard option? So every time if the template and plugin are updated will not lose any change made by me at future.

    Please, clarify me.


    Thank! I’ll pending your comments

  20. I like the layout of the Search and Listings page (listings on left, map on right). Is is possible to start at this page based on the user’s location instead of the Location page with search fields? Or is this layout possible just using the Directory starter theme?

    • It’s never possible to load the user location without him sharing his location 1st. It is a Google GeoLocation requirement.


  21. Can I set a the directory for different cities on different pages? Example City 1 has it’s own directory and I have a link to City 1’s directory from that page, which would only displays listing for that city. City 2 would be they same set up. Is that possible?

    • Yes, with the location manager every location has its own page and listings are limited to that location be it a country, region or city (or even neighborhood if you want) 🙂


    • 2 reasons, gtmetrix sucks, not sure why people even use it, there are far better tools. Second, our demos run on a shared server and are not particularly optimized for speed.

      I don’t think we even have a caching plugin installed.


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