GeoDirectory V2 meets Ninja Forms

Extended forms, Lead Management, Super Intuitive!

GeoDirectory V2 and Ninja Forms integration

we decided to integrate GeoDirectory V2 with Ninja Forms, here’s why:

While GeoDirectory V1 comes with a built in contact form, GeoDirectory V2 will not have one out of the box.

We removed our contact form, because:

  • It is limited.
  • You can’t customize it easily.
  • It doesn’t keep track of submissions (Lead Management).
  • You could use it only once per listing page.

In addition, if you wanted to add a general contact form to your directory website, you needed a 3rd party plugin, which would make its code redundant.

If you install GeoDirectory V2 today and you add an email address to a listing, the email address will appear instead of the “Send Inquiry” link that used to be there on V1.

However we added a section in the setup wizard to install Ninja Forms.

Why Ninja Forms?

We considered and tested only free plugins and it’s the one we liked the most.

The free version does everything a directory owner may want. If he wants more than the average directory owner, there are plenty of premium extension to choose from.

Ninja Forms is by far the most user friendly, intuitive and well coded of all the plugins that we tested. Stiofan was so impressed that he had no doubt.

In the future we may decide to integrate other plugins, but for the moment Ninja Forms it is…

What will it add to GeoDirectory V2?

  1. The setup wizard will ask you to install the Ninja Forms plugin and will auto-create a basic form, which you can use right away.

  2. You’ll be able to add the form to the listing via widget or shortcode or a Gutenberg block and it will open up in a modal window.

  3. It will be super easy to extend the form with any fields needed.
  4. Ninja Forms comes with built submission tracking (Lead Management). 👋
  5. You can add as many Forms as you wish to any listing via GeoDirectory custom fields and a Ninja Forms shortcode.
  6. You can use Ninja Form for the general contact form of your Directory.

The next beta version of GeoDirectory V2 (it should be released before the week end) will include this new features.

We hope you’ll like it and you’ll help us test it to make it a stable new features as soon as possible.

Published by Paolo

Paolo Tajani is the co-founder and growth hacker of AyeCode LTD. With his business partner Stiofan, they are the makers of the GeoDirectory, UsersWP and Invoicing plugins for WordPress. Paolo developed his first WordPress website in 2008. In 2011 he met Stiofan O'Connor and together they started building and marketing successful themes and plugins for WordPress. Today their products are used by +100.000 active websites.

15 thoughts on “GeoDirectory V2 meets Ninja Forms

  1. Can I use ninja forms as the structure to “add listing” I am working to connect “listings” to zoho

    1. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but Ninja Forms is integrated only to serve as the contact form. In order to add data to our own database tables, we must have our own system for the add listing form.

  2. Can i replace the listing form with Ninja Forms? Since it’s way to long, it would be nice to both use Ninjaforms and also for multistep listing.

    1. Hi Brian,

      You can’t but you can edit the add listing fields to add or remove almost anything.
      We are also working on a accordion type multistep ability.



  3. Can I replace the Reviews and Ratings with a Ninja Form? I would like to add custom input fields including dropdowns.

    1. You probably can, but for sure sorting by ratings/reviews would not work, unless you manage to make Ninja forms write in the GD database tables for ratings.

  4. Wondering if you will be able to use ninja forms to create a pre form fill out for reviews section? We can do this with star ratings now, but maybe if people want to stay anonymous because their review might give them away. To alternatively fill out a form with pre determined checkboxes and answers.????

    1. hi,

      for the moment we only integrated ninja forms for the contact form of each listing, not for reviews.


  5. Hi,

    Today I have given a try to Ninja Forms. It certainly looks nice and it is very easy to create forms but, unfortunately, it seems that it does not work very well with WPML, as the developer himself admit. This is really a problem for me, since my GD site is multilanguage.

    Also, I have experienced problems with Autoptimize and I have not found any basic info about the scripts to exclude.

    Summarizing, it these two issues are not solved by the developer, I am quite unwilling to use this plugin with GeoDirectory.

    Best regards.

    1. I see several topics on WPML forum, none stating that it can’t be done. Where did you get that info?

  6. Thanks guys.

    If this plugin is installed will the button “Send Inquiry” be back on the details page?

    1. Just installing the plugin, no. You need to add the button via widget,shortcode or gutenberg block, as explained in the article…

  7. Cool. I already had this on my list to replace. I will do it anyhow for GDv1 as I will not move too early.

  8. Awesome! Sites with integrations can start here to see their options.

  9. Good choice and I am glad to see you continuing to integrate 3rd party best of breed solutions. Well done!

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