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    I have now imported the CSV list with your built in importer.
    But I’m not allowed to define a Post-Id for this in advance.
    Therefore I am now facing another challenge.
    Let me briefly explain what I have in mind:
    We have received a CSV list from an affiliate partner which contains a large number of accommodations (with data like address, longitude & latitude, price and so on). Since this list is updated regularly (especially the price), we would also like to update the data contained on our website regularly.
    My plan was to use the IDs from the list of our affiliate partner to assign all accommodations and update them regularly. Since it is not possible to assign a Post-ID to each location when importing, this does not work.
    Is there a possibility to use the ID of our affiliate partner?
    Or do you have a better suggestion for our project?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)