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    sid Che
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    I created my own CTP, but not able to creat the add new cpt frontend page.
    I used the shortcode:
    [gd_add_listing listing_type=gd_cpt login_msg=”Please login” show_login=true]
    But it doesn’t work
    I tried to go to : GD-Design as recommanded:
    Nothing found.
    Can you please tell me how to do?


    sid Che
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    Also, somme GD documents refer to : GD-DESIGN-NAVIGATION:
    I can’t not find the navigation link!
    Can you please tell me where I can find it?


    Alex Rollin
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    V2 docs are here:

    Make sure you have finished setup of the main add-listing page

    That must be setup and working for custom add listing pages to work.

    If we need to check the settings please include WP Admin credentials in a private reply.


    sid Che
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    Hi Alex,
    Thank you!
    I did that in two steps:
    First step is :
    In the Menus page, you can display more options on the left hand side by selecting them from the Screen Options.
    Scroll to the top of the screen and click “Screen Options” to unhide additional menu options.
    If you want to add more links like “Add Place” or “Add Event” you can find those under the “GeoDirectory Endpoints” as shown here:

    Second step:
    Disable frontend add UNCHEK!
    Disable frontend add Prevent this post type from being added from the frontend?


    Alex Rollin
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