Businesses Not Found on Location Change – But are found in search

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    Aubrey Clark
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    <disclaimer>This is probably my fault</disclaimer>

    Okay. I have just begun to add listings. I have added a few from each of the surrounding towns. When I simply “Change Locations” with the switcher, on or off of the “location” page, it does not return the business that I have added from that town. (See Location-1)
    Presumably, the switcher should populate the page with listings from that city, yes?

    However, if I do a search through the search bar for a location, it will find businesses from that town???

    As well, again, presumably, when clicking the switcher on the “locations” page; shouldn’t the location page (map and listings) populate all of the businesses in the region?

    I have checked my permalink settings, and page shortcodes for accuracy, but cannot seem to make it populate listings according to location.

    Can you please look at the screen shots and site to see what could be causing this?


    Aubrey Clark
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    Post count: 27
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    Alex Rollin
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