How can i add user info in my listing detail page (like whoop theme offers)

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    Yogin Bhatt
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    As per above link whoop theme offers the feature called user info but i have configured my site using supreme directory. Is there any way i can add that feature in my existing theme?


    Alex Rollin
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    Between GD and UsersWP you should be able to come up with something close. Unfortunately the doc is for V1 whoop, so, the features have changed a bit, but should in fact be easier to use.

    Try the UsersWP author box


    Yogin Bhatt
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    I am currently using geodirectory with buddypress integration. Is there any way i can add with existing plugins. I am looking to add total number of friends and reviews as author info.


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    You could use Whoop that provides that out of the box or you need to get the code used on Whoop and add it to your theme, but that is customization and beyond support.


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