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    Hi Greg,

    did you follow instructions here:

    Are other translations working?

    Because I just tested here and I can change it without problem.

    Changing from :

    Please enter listing address. eg. : 230 Vine Street

    to :

    Please enter listing address. eg. : 230 My Street

    and it worked…

    Let us know,


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    Hello! Is there any way to tell/separate frontend texts from the backend in the geodirectory-en_US.po file to speed up the translation? I’d like to focus on the frontend texts only. Please advise.


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    No there isn’t. The po file is unique…



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    Hi, please advise where can I find the following strings:
    1. “Kilometers и Miles”:
    2. “My favourite”:
    3. “Add Listing” in breadcrumbs “Home / Add Listing”
    4. “ERROR: You have entered an incorrect CAPTCHA value.”
    5. “in Feature category”


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    Hello, please accept our apologises, we have missed the notification about your reply and we just realised we didn’t reply to your post.

    To answer to your questions:
    1-2:you can change the words using the .po file inside wp-content/plugins/geodirectory/geodirectory-languages
    more details here
    3- you can change the page title by editing the “Add Listing” page
    4- You can change that in the .po inside /wp-content/geodir_recaptcha/gdcaptcha-languages
    rememer to copy the file in /wp-content/languages/geodir-recaptcha

    5- where is this exactly?

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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