Release of V1.6.6

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    The change log for the new release v 1.6.6 can be found here

    We created a blog post to show the bigger changes about it, mainly about the new custom fields system.

    Please remember that both Core and Add-ons should be kept up to date. If you update the core plugin you must update the add-ons too!

    Also remember to open new topic to report any kind of problem in the correct support forum.

    We hope you enjoy these new releases!

    The GeoDirectory Team


    Craig Fryer
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    Thank you for your continued development and improvement of GeoDirectory.


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    Thanks too for all the support, and creative solutions 😉


    Dzjabrail Baas
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    Thanks for all the support guys! Is it already known when the app will be released for geodirectory users?


    Brent Wallace
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    An APP would be awesome! I’m new and hadn’t heard that yet. Cool.


    Teena Mariya
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    Thanks for your new v 1.6.6 release. I heard that your new application is awesome and very useful. I hope that your new invention can change the world.
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    Sandra Duarte
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    I’ve made the reviews anonymous, but how can I keep the multiratings minimized so visually it doesn’t show this negative space next to the multiratings? And is there away to only show the user’s location since their name is kept anonymous?

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