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    lily sielaff
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    is it possible to remove the comments link, author box and social media icons on the places posts?
    (please see attached screenshot)
    Also, is it possible to sort the categories in the homepage category bar in a different way? We would like to have the category “other products” at the last place. (please see attached screenshot).

    Thank you,
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    Hi lily,

    Thanks for your post. Kindly refer to this section of the documentation for your reference. As for the author box, you can switch it Off in the userswp settings.

    Unfortunately, you can’t custom order the categories but you can either sort it as A-Z or by count.


    lily sielaff
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    thanks for the answer. unfortunately, i still don’t understand how to get rid of the “no comments” link on single listings (places). We don’t really work with pages or posts at all, just places and place categories and this is where I need to fix this.
    Another issue: is it possible to show more than 10 search results on a places category page ?
    Also I did not find where to get rid of the author box. what do you mean by “userswp settings”?
    Thank you very much,
    kind regards,


    Alex Rollin
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    You can try this CSS to hide items in the Supreme Single Details header

    To increase the number of listings shown in search change the value in the settings at
    Wordpress backend – Settings – Reading – Post per page

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