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    Michael Herndon
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    I am using the multiratings plugin to allow users to upload photos and reviews to places.

    I would like the photos that are uploaded with comments to appear in the main slider. Since photo uploads for the post as well as the reviews/comments are handled by plupload, my hope is that a solution exists.

    If a solution doesn’t already exist, it seams that one could be created by either:

    1. Modifying the comment/review photo uploader so it posted to both the comment and main post image areas.
    2. Modifying the query for the main post slider so that it included images associated with related comments/reviews.

    Does the solution already exist? If not, may I have your advice on which solution would be best?

    Last, I am willing to pay for this 🙂



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    there is no solution for this, images are saved in a different database table. This would require an extensive customization.

    If you want I can move this in the Jobs section of the forum.

    Let us know,



    Michael Herndon
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    Yes. Please move it to the Jobs section.

    Also, I would be happy with a chron job. It seams that it should be possible to take the information from one table and append the picture location data to the place the slider references. I am ok with duplicating the images if necessary.


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    Hi Michael,

    I’m not sure you read our policies, but we don’t provide customization services. The jobs forum is there to allow other members to take on freelance jobs.

    If you don’t get a reply within a couple of days, I’d suggest to also look into websites like



    Michael Herndon
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    I understand. I saw several other older posts about this. I was hoping that it was done or someone had a good idea that I could provide to a developer.

    Thank you,


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    Please consider creating a description of the feature request here:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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