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    Hay members,

    UsersWP is ready for public BETA. We are doing a soft launch today:

    Active GD members will receive the GeoDirectory integration for free!

    Just login with your GD account and visit the “your account” area

    This will activate the complimentary license.

    For the moment we only released the GeoDirectory and WooCommerce add-ons.

    Next week we will release reCAPTCHA and Social Login (which will be free) and at least another couple of premium add-ons.

    The list of add-ons that are 99% ready to be released is already quite long:

    1 Mailchimp
    2 bbPress
    3 Easy Digital Download
    4 WPJob Manager
    5 MyCred
    6 Profile Completion Progress
    7 Restrict User Signups
    8 Online Users
    9 Private Messaging
    10 Friends
    12 Moderation
    13 Roles
    14 reCAPTCHA
    15 social login

    Let us know which of them you wish to see prioritized and we’ll start from there.

    Feedback more than welcome!

    We hope you enjoy it,

    The GeoDirectory and WP Invoicing and UsersWP Team 🙂


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    Thanks Paolo – this is great news. Will give it a try this weekend.


    m forbes
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    so we should ftp latest version if using an earlier version? thanks!


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    Does UsersWP add any important functionality to GeoDirectory itself? I’m trying to determine if it’s something I’m going to want for my site.

    I still have to go through the process of migrating to WP Invoicing…


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    Probably not to GD itself, but rather to the user registration process and options for admins for their users. Your users will have an integrated experience where their user info, listings, invoices etc is all together on their user profile page.


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    I am going to start evaluating this. Is there a way to encourage non-members to register? For example by limiting a non-registered user’s access by setting a maximum amount of times they can visit based on IP address before they are prompted to register?


    D P
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    I’ve tried to download this twice and my McAfee is saying virus detected…

    Any ideas?


    D P
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    This has now been resolved


    Chris Chapman
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    LOve the new UsersWP Plugin. It is just what I was looking for!
    I am using Divi 3 theme, and it seems to integrate very well. If place shortcodes in to the appropriate modules withing the Divi Builder, the render nicely. Except for the login short code.
    If you go here:
    You will see where I have placed the shortcode for Log In.
    And if you go here:
    where I have placed the register shortcode, it works nicely.
    Any ideas?


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    Hi Chris

    have you tried to place the shortcode in a code module yet?

    I’ havn’t tried this with UserWP, but it solved some issues I had with other shortcode inserts.

    If you placed it into a Text module – have you checked in text modus to see if there was something else inserted then the shortcode?


    Chris Chapman
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    I have tried in both a text module and a code module.
    If you go to:
    you will see two instances. The top one is a code module and bottom one a text module.
    If you go here:
    It is now a text module above a code module, above a text module (with the register sc inserted).


    Chris Chapman
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    Hi Guys,
    Another small problem I have noticed with the functionality. If I try and update my account details using the Edit Account facility. It comes up with an error (see attached), even though I am not trying to update my user name.Any ideas?


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    Hey chris,

    I just noticed this thread.

    Could you try our latest version from here? Let me know if you still face the problem.


    Chris Chapman
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    Thanks Giri,
    I am already on the latest version.
    The more I play around with it, the more I am finding ways around problems!
    It is just me getting familiar with it.
    However, at the moment I cannot find anywhere to put a log out link.
    Any ideas? I would like to have one on the main menu.


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    Have you checked the Appearance > Menus > UsersWP section ?

    It contains all userswp related links. You just have to click that and add it in the menu.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)

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