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GeoDirectory 2.1 release
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The first and most important new feature of GeoDirectory version 2.1 is the implementation of the AUI (AyeCode User Interface).

AyeCode User Interface

The AUI is based on the bootstrap framework, with our own features added on top of it.

This system allows us to load the minimum amount of CSS and JS whether you have one of our products installed or ALL of our products installed.

AyeCode User Interface is all about websites’ page speed and consistent beautiful design.

A vanilla install of GeoDirectory now looks simply outstanding on any theme, out of the box.

GeoDirectory Vanilla design
GeoDirectory Vanilla design

The AUI is now used by all of our products and themes.

We introduced it first in our WordPress user registration plugin called UsersWP in October 2019.

Finally, we were able to extend its use for GeoDirectory.

Both the core plugin, all its add-ons, and our WordPress Directory themes, like the Whoop theme, the Directory Starter, and its child theme the Supreme Directory.

AUI Colors settings

Colors settings for the AyeCode UI can be found in Appearance > Customize > AyeCode UI

Switch from legacy styles to AUI

If you are updating from a previous version of GeoDirectory, the new styles are disabled to avoid messing with your current design. Switching from legacy style (old design) to the Bootstrap based AUI, is very easy.

Go to GeoDirectory > Settings > General > Developer and select “Bootstrap” in Default Design Style.

For new installs, the new styles are set as default.

Important note for our theme users

If you are using one of these themes (Whoop, Starter, or Supreme) and you want to keep using the legacy styles, you should stick with the version you have installed right now.

Blocks in Templates

Until the last version of GeoDirectory, you would find shortcodes composing the templates’ pages.

From version 2.1, you will find Gutenberg blocks by default (if Gutenberg is used).

If you want to take full advantage of the new block-based templates when upgrading (new installs get them by default)

  1. Delete all GD page templates that you want to replace (they must also be deleted from the trash folder)
  2. Go to GeoDirectory > Status > Tools > Create default GeoDirectory pages.

The improved blocks, also feature a few new design options.

Maps lazy load

2 years ago, Google Maps started charging for calls made to their API.

Thankfully, the $200/month free usage was enough for most niche web directories.

However, with Google upgrading websites’ page speed as one of the most important ranking factors in 2021, loading the maps on all pages in no longer a good idea.

Lazy load maps is now an option in your general settings.

You can choose to load them when they scroll into view or load them on click.

Interactive maps are consistently one of the biggest bottlenecks for page speed scores.

Our solution will dramatically speed up load times for your site.

When maps are not displayed above the fold, both options will increase your site speed scores.

If the map is above the fold, we suggest using the click to load map option for optimal results.

Big directories with high traffic and page views, will be able to save a lot of money without compromising.

And if you are on a budget, you won’t have to downgrade your user experience by offering lower quality map providers.

Lazy Load Event Calendar

This was another bottleneck for page speed scores.

Other than providing a new skin thanks to the AUI, we also made sure its presence on any of your pages, will not impact your page loading time and thus your users’ experience.

Open now as Advanced Search Filter

If you are using our Advanced Search add-on, your visitors will be able to search for places that are open at the time of your search.

This is a feature that we introduced a few versions back, but we were still fine-tuning it and now we are ready to announce it officially.

A similar search feature, having to calculate users’ time zone and filter listings accordingly, would have an immense impact on your search loading times. if not done correctly.

However, thanks to our custom database structure and highly-optimized SQL queries we made this as scalable as possible, just like every GeoDirectory advanced search filters.

Pricing Table for GeoDirectory

The GeoDirectory pricing manager now includes a block (shortcode or widget) to output a pricing table, showing the feature of each of your prices.


We tested this new version extensively both internally and in our BETA testers Facebook group.

However, due to the nature of open-source software, it’s always possible to find new bugs or conflicts with some particular theme or plugin.

Should you find any issue on your install, please report it immediately and we will provide a patch ASAP.

We hope you enjoy GeoDirectory version 2.1 and it new UI. Let us know what you think of it! If you really like it, please don’t hesitate to leave a nice review on the plugin repository.

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