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Claim Listings

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Use the Claim Listings addon to allow site visitors to claim listings. Once a claim is made, use the addon settings to review the claim and approve, reject or delete the claim. Use the GD Claim design element to provide visitors with a button they can pess to file their claim on the listing.

See more here: https://wpgeodirectory.com/downloads/claim-listings/



Check to be sure you have the following plugins installed before you get started.


  1. Download the Addon from your account.
  2. Install the Addon.


Find the Claim Listings tab in the GeoDirectory Settings

GeoDirectory – Settings – Claim Listings

GeoDirectory – Settings – Claim Listings – Listing Claims

GeoDirectory – Settings – Claim Listings – Settings

Claim Listing Options

Auto approve via email verification?

  • Tick to enable auto approve claim listing by sending verification link via email.

Auto approve on payment received?

  • Tick to enable auto approve claim listing when using pay to claim (requires Pricing Manager addon).

GeoDirectory – CPT (Places) Settings – Custom Fields – Is Claimed

Once the Claim Listings addon is enabled you can add the “Is Claimed” field to each Custom Post Type that your site visitors can claim. This field must be added to the CPT before the “GD > Post Claim” element will display.

GeoDirectory – CPT (Places) Settings – Packages – Advanced



  1. Setup Pricing Packages before Setup of Claim Listings

Setup Claim Listings – Step by Step

  1. Visit CPT (Places) Settings – Custom Fields – Predefined Fields – Is Claimed
  2. Click once on the field to add the Predefined Field “Is Claimed” to the CPT.
  3. Set “Is Claimed” to Active: “Is Active: Yes”
  4. Optional – Set “Is Claimed” to Admin Only to hide the field from non-Admin users: “Admin only edit: Yes”
  5. Optional – Set “Is Claimed” Default Value to Unchecked: users will check the field to claim the listing”
  6. Visit CPT (Places) Settings – Packages (Pricing Manager Addon required) – Advanced – Features – Exclude Fields from Display”
  7. Remove “Is Claimed” from Excluded fields to display the GD > Post Claim element
  8. Visit CPT (Places) Settings – Packages (Pricing Manager Addon required) – Advanced – Claim Listing – Claim Packages”
  9. Choose any packages that the visitor may select when they are claiming this listing. Be sure to enable the current package, too, if you want visitors to be able to claim that package.
  10. If you are using Pricing Manager, be sure to assign a package to all your listings. If necessary, assign packages to several, then export, edit the listings, and import to perform a bulk update.

Import – Export

You can change claimed status for many listings at one time by using GeoDirectory’s import & export features.
When you export a CSV of listings the column is called

  • 0 = not claimed
  • 1 = claimed

The GD Post Claim button will only show if the value is 0.



gd_post_claim – GD > Post Claim

After you add the “Is Claimed” field to your CPT, you can then add the GD > Post Claim design element to display on the Detail page. This displays the button that visitors click when they claim a listing. You can use the built in form, or a Ninja Form using the GD > Ninja Form element.This can be added as a widget or a shortcode.

Get Support

Get support on our forum, fnd out more here: https://wpgeodirectory.com/docs-v2/geodirectory/support/

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Display the GD Post Claim element on the detail page

Check your configuration and make sure that:

1. GD > Post Claim element is set to display on the Detail page.
2. The “Is Claimed” field has been added to the CPT.
3. The “Is Claimed” field is set to active – “Is Active: Yes”
4. The “Is Claimed field is not excluded from the CPT Package assigned to the listing.
5. The Package has additional packages that are listed under “Claim Packages”

Personalize the Claim form with Ninja Forms

Yes, setup is covered on the Ninja Forms Integration doc here.

Error Message: Could not save claim data

If you encounter this error, try running the GD tool here: https://wpgeodirectory.com/docs-v2/geodirectory/status/#clear-version

Why isn’t the author displaying on unclaimed listings?

Once Claim Manager is activated, GD Post Meta for author will only show the author name if the listing is claimed.

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