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Email Template


The GD Details template is used to configure how the Details page looks. As the template, you create the page once and then the template is referenced and used to create each of the details pages of the CPT.

Details page

Configure global options for the Detail page, where all the listing information is displayed.

  • Disable theme feature image output?

This will try to disable the theme featured image output, this can be useful if you are seeing double images on the details page. This option is checked by default to avoid unnecessary issues.

  • Page template file

Choose the page template to be used from among the template files for your theme.


Configure global options for reviews.

Reviews – Basic

  • Rating color

The colour for the rating stars.

  • Rating color off

The colour for the rating stars that are not selected.

Reviews – Advanced

  • ‎Rating type

Select the rating type to use, font-awesome or transparent image.

  • Rating icon

Select the font awesome icon to use for ratings.

  • Rating transparent image

Used only if the transparent image option is set, this image will be used to select ratings.

  • Rating text 1-5

This is the text shown when a 1-5 rating is selected.

Email Template

Configure global options for the GeoDirectory email template.

Email Template

  • Preview

Preview the email template.

  • Logo

Upload a logo to be displayed at the top of the emails. Displayed on HTML emails only.

  • Footer Text

The text to appear in the footer of all GeoDirectory emails.

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