ArboLife makes it easy to access events, addresses, and information for a more sustainable consumption and a more balanced way of life.

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    • Hi really like ur implementation. We are trying to implement supreme with kleo..just like u. Would it be too much to ask if you share the kleo child theme css etc. With us. Cheers Ash

  1. Hello,

    can i ask how you connect Supreme Directory with Kleo? Supreme directory theme works like a plugin?
    How can i connect and change template with geodirectory listing with supreme directory full width listing with map?

    I like Kleo and i don’t want to change it with Directory starter for using full width listing and other features of Supreme directory.

    Many thanks for help,


    • He took the code he needed from the Supreme Child theme and implemented within Kleo files.


  2. Thanks for answer, there is no need to change template of Geodirectory plugin? I see that styles and javascript comes from plugin sd-kleo-geodir

    I just started with developing and for now i didn’t implement and connecting themes, so i apologise if I asking too much questions


    • Nope, everything is done via filters and actions.

      If you download Supreme and you check its files, you’ll find inc/geodirectory-compatibility.php.

      Everything is in there and of course you’ll have to copy several lines of the css too.


    • I don’t think you’ll need to replace any kleo function, but add those functions and make sure everything works. I never dig into Kleo’s code, so this is the maximum I can help you with…


  3. Awesome work! How did you add “Your access to a more balanced life and sustainable consumption in one directory” under the page title?

  4. What are the plugins and addon’s was used in this Kleo theme. I like this theme, I bought Kleo for another site and it is good. I’m working on another project and would like to make another purchase. For this project, I want to create a store locator site where people can lookup for stores near them. I want store owners to create their own account and create a store or a chain of stores that they own. What’s the theme and what are the plugins I should buy? pl help

  5. Hi Paolo,

    Could you please help me to clarify doubts I have about COSTS?

    Using KLEO and SUPREME
    – Kleo is $49 for 6months, right?
    – Supreme (from Geodirectory:) I can’t find the cost. Is it only available by paying a $99 tri-annual membership (that would be so expensive at the moment for me.)

    Using WHOOP (that’s how initially I ended up here)
    – Whoop (from Geodirectory,) you are able to purchase individually for $39 for 12 months. (Is there a way to buy Supreme individually?)

    Although my expertise is in digital marketing strategy, I’m new to coding (learning) and buying my own theme, implementing and so on.
    I want to launch a little start-up very much like Arbolife, and although initially I had a Yelp-type template as the closest thing to my project, what Arbolife has done is so similar to what I envision.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    • Supreme is free

      The theme alone is not enough to make a directory though. You need the GeoDirectory plugin and most add-ons.

      If you wish to do something like Arbolife, you will need to hire a developer. There is quite a lot of custom coding behind that website.

      Hope I answered all your questions.

      Thank you

    • Thanks for your answer Paolo.

      Last clarification question: when you say Supreme is free, do you mean I can use just download it and use it, without a membership? Or that, once I start paying the membership, I can use it at no additional cost?

  6. Paolo,

    I like the advanced search widget you added to your site. Was this a custom piece, or part of the theme or Geo Directory plugin?

  7. HI,

    just FYI, I’m not the author of this website, Marc Mathys is.

    He used the search form that we created for the Supreme Theme inside another theme. It’s a customization he made.


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