Hochzeit Premium is a german wedding directory website. The page existed since long years and was one of the biggest and most famous wedding websites. First it was built on Joomla with an additional wordpress blog. Now it works on one WP system with a few additional plugins such as uber menu, Divi page builder etc. There are already about 1000 entries that came and were imported from the joomla directory plugin.

I could write a book about this page, but the most important thing in this page is the endless support of the GD support team around Stiofan and Paolo. The theme is a hardly modified version of Supreme Directory and the production time was about 1.200 hours without counting the time for creating the basic pdf file templates that came from the customer itself.

All in all a team of 10 people worked on the page for the relaunch in late 2017, works started in late 2016 and ended in late 2017.

I hope you like the page!
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