Open Mind Trips

We are dedicated to be the connecting link between Shamans/Retreat Centers
and Travelers. We work to create an Online Portal which intents to aid
seekers of the Teacher Plants Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, San Pedro and
Mushrooms. We wish to offer a Transparent overview of relevant information
and knowledge about these plants, and about where to experience their
healings in a safe and legal environment.

3 thoughts on “Open Mind Trips

  1. You have a bug in the sidebar under the map in the events page:

    1. Looks like a PHP warning, old versions of PHP had warnings turned off by default but the latest has them on by default, Warnings do not harm and should only be shown during debugging.


  2. Looks nice – I like the events thing on the startpage especially. May I ask you did you manage to make it like that? Is it with onboard stuff from GD, I mean with the GD events plugin, or is it something different?

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