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Revisor24 a network of accountants offering fast, simple and cost-effective solutions when you need help with everything from joint stock companies, economic associations, tenant-owner associations, foundations and trading companies to the individual company.

Roadside Tribute

Roadside Tribute is a place where families and friends can memorialize their loved ones lost in traffic accidents. It does this by providing a place to share a picture and story of their roadside tribute site they built along the roadway. This site also provides a means to preserve roadside tributes. Physical tribute sites require […]


The Geotourism.Guide is a global directory of unique examples of nature and culture. Every city needs a Geotourism Guide where residents can appreciate and celebrate the people, nature, and culture that make the place unique. Get yours today from Alex Rollin and The website and the geotourism program were designed in line with the […]

Mallorca Verzeichnis

The website tries to pick up on all topics of life, work, lifestyle, luxury in Mallorca and to give answers. For this we have researched for a long time and published the most important information and tips. In addition, the following directories with entries and detailed information are available to residents, residents and vacationers. […]

Yacht Service Now

Yacht Service Now is a website and mobile app (Android coming soon): Yacht Service Now brings together customers and service providers in the marine industry. Built on Geodirectory V2 and Tiny Screen Labs directory app builder ( The Yacht Service Now service allows members to access locations nearby on the web and mobile app. […]


Appthisway is an industry 4.0 technology blog, global directory and rating platform. We serve businesses and people involved in disruptive industries, including AI, robotics, smart consumer devices, next-generation 5g data communications and IoT infrastructures

We love Italy. From north to south and from east to west. Or vice versa. We love Italy for its history, culture and art, for its people and for its landscapes, for its cuisine and for its relaxed style of living. We love its great metropolises like Rome, Milan, Naples or Venice, as well as […]