Author: Stiofan O'Connor

WP Easy Updates

WP Easy Updates We are happy to introduce WP Easy Updates! WPEU is our new update plugin, we will be using it to provide licencing and updates to all our GeoDirectory addons as well as all our future non GD products, in fact anyone who sells WP Plugins (and soon to be themes) through Easy […]

Distance to custom field

Update Sept 2019 This has been added as a predefined custom field in V The snippet below will only work if using GeoDirectory V1. The Problem Today a member had a bit of an unusual request, they are using GeoDirectory to run a local festival and they are listing things like accommodation for it. […]

We added a 50% discount code in our T&C’s to see what would happen

The Story In April 2015 GeoDirectory became 1 year old, at that time we celebrated by running a discount over our birthday weekend. It had been a year since we wrote our terms and conditions (T&C’s) and in June of that year (2015) we decided to review them to see if anything needed updating, it […]

This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly

This post will tell you how to fix the “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.” problem with Google Maps. If you are using GeoDirectory please see our documentation here. If you want to read about the problem see our blog post here: If you have seen […]

Snazzy Maps support for GeoDirectory

We are delighted to announce support for Snazzy Maps in our Custom Google Maps addon (1.0.5). What is Snazzy Maps? Snazzy Maps is an online resource that enables users to customize the colors, saturation, and other styling options of their Google Maps. The customization options are provided in the form of different map styles designed […]

PayPal SHA-256 Compliance and what it means

This week PayPal have been sending out scary emails and causing a lot of panic, these emails are titled: “IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED: PayPal service upgrades.” The problem is they are sending them to anyone who has used affected services such as Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) which is used by LOADS of consumer themes and plugins […]

Contact Form 7 vs Simple HTML Form

This post is related to my last blog post about my efforts to speed up our site, by removing plugins where the benefit does NOT outweigh the convenience.  (Just here for the code samples? Click here.) The Story: Up until a few days ago our site was using the very popular plugin “Contact Form 7” which at present […]