Add Google API KEY

  1. You can find the setting in GeoDirectory under GeoDirectory > Design > Map > Google Maps API KEY:
  2. Log into your Google account in another tab or window.
  3. Click on Generate API Key.
  4. In the popup, select Create a new project:
  5. When the popup shows the New Project, change the name if you like, and then click Create and enable API:
  6. Copy the key from the next screen:
  7. Close the popup.
  8. Paste the key in the API key field:
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.
  10. Once you have it up and running, you may want to restrict the API to your website domain by clicking on Generate API Key, selecting the project you created earlier and go to the API console:
  11. Under credentials for the key created, select HTTP referrers, and then add ** (change to your domain) in the HTTP referrers field, and then Save:


Versions 1.6.10 of the GD core plugin and earlier:

You can find the setting in GeoDirectory under GeoDirectory > Design > Map > Google Maps API KEY

  1. Go to this link to start (you will need a google account)
  2. Click Continue to add a new project (or you can select a current one)
  3. If you see this message: “You don’t have permission to create an API key” follow this step, if not skip to the next step.

    It means exactly what it says.
    You’ll need to create new credentials before an API key can be generated.

    Click on the “Credentials” link in the left hand sidebar
    Click the “Create credentials” button
    Select the “API Key” option
    Then click the “Browser key” button from the pop-up
    Now you’ll be taken back to the create a browser key step above and can proceed.

  4. It is important you follow this step exactly:
    You will need to add two urls here,enter the name of your project and the url of your site, add one as: **
    AND one as

    as shown below:gkey2You will then be presented with your API KEY:

    If you already have a project with a verified domain, you might be presented with a different screen, in that case select those settings to get your API key:
  5. Copy and paste your API KEY into your GeoDirectory Settings and click save:
  6. Wait for a while before checking, Google says this can take 5 minutes but we have found it to take up to 15 minutes in some cases.

Once that is all done, you can happily use google maps 🙂

If you did not use our tutorial link or you already have a current project:

…If you did not use the link we provided to create a new API key they you will have to manually activate several API’s:

  1. In your API project click “Overview” and then “Enabled API’s”
  2. Make sure the below APIs are enabled:
  3. If they are not all enabled then click “Google API’s” and search for them and enable them.