Known issues

This page lists some conflicts with other plugins or themes.

Note that the below problems were correct at the time of writing, and that either GD or the third party plugins or themes may have been modified in the meantime to correct the problem.

Let us know if anything on this page is no longer valid. Thank you.





Cache Plugins


Advanced Access Manager

  1. This plugin is not compatible with the GD Search functions without the following setting:
  2. AAM > Settings > Content Settings > Check Post Visibility – UNCHECK this setting

Advanced Custom Fields

  1. Hide WP Custom Fields – This plugin will hide the normal WordPress custom fields in the backend editor for posts. Some themes like Supreme make use of WP custom fields, so, disable the plugin to view and edit the custom fields.
  2. Incompatibility – Geodirectory does not have any integration with ACF for listing custom fields. Adding fields through ACF will not add fields to all GD listings; use GD custom fields instead.

BuddyPress Docs

  1. This plugin is not compatible with the GD Search functions.

BuddyBoss Wall

  1. This plugin is not compatible with the GD Search functions.

BuddyPress Global Search

  1. This plugin is not compatible with the GD Search functions.

Edit Flow

  1. Edit Flow adds a custom taxonomy (category) to all post type following_user and adding the author automatically to the post as a new category.
  2. Edit Flow also partially breaks the dashboard for GD posts.


  1. EventOn breaks the GD Add Listing forms.

Express Curate

  1. This plugin creates duplicate WP posts of any new GD listing.

Hide My WP

  1. This plugin rewrites the path of your folders and files using .htaccess.
  2. Your searches etc will no longer work.

Loco Translate

  1. Loco Translate is not compatible with Geodirectory. Only WPML is compatible with Geodirectory for multilingual sites.
  2. Geodirectory translation should be done with PoEdit as described here.
  3. Local Translate will overwrite .PO files placed at wp-content/languages/plugins
  4. Loco Translate will automatically create language files with incorrect names so that the files are not loaded.
  5. Loco Translate does not recognize all GD language strings, so you will not be able to translate everything.
  6. Check the file names of the .PO files to make sure they are correct, see Translating Addons for the correct file names.


  1. Stores additional copies of strings found in language files.
  2. Can result in changes to PO files ‘not working’ because TranslatePress versions will override PO string values.
  3. TranslatePress must be de-activated to diagnose issues with PO file strings.
  4. Only WPML is fully compatible with GD.


  1. Only WPML is fully compatible with GD.


  1. This plugin is not compatible with the GD Search functions.

Scripts n Styles

  1. This plugin introduces a jQuery chosen conflict that can cause GD forms to not function.
  2. The plugin can cause isues on any add/edit post pages or anywhere in the backend..

Scroll To Anchor

  1. This plugin breaks the menus of the Supreme theme in mobile view.

Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress

  1. If your drop-down menus in GD admin area don’t work, then this premium plugin from OTWthemes might be the reason.
  2. Reported by a user on 3 August 2015.

Simple Custom CSS and JS

  1. Breaks JS.

Theme My Login

  1. This plugin is not compatible with the GD Search functions.

The SEO Framework

  1. The SEO Framework breaks GeoDirectory queries, we suggest to use Yoast that is 100% compatible with GD, or GD’s Titles and Meta options.


  1. This plugin calls the Google Map API (and also fontawesome), just like GD does.
    The result is that your page tries to load the Google API twice.
    Therefore your maps will not work.
  2. You can fix this by disabling both the Google Map API  and fontawesome in the Ubermenu settings > General Settings > Assets.

WP Places

  1. This plugin causes backend editor google map to fail to load.
  2. The plugin loads another copy of the GMaps API causing all maps to fail on the page.
  3. The plugin loads on every backend post edit page, even if the post types are disabled.


  1. This plugin stops your GD registration and login process.
  2. This plugin is not compatible with the WPaffiliate plugin required with the GD WPaffiliate Integration addon.  .
  3. We suggest using GD Recaptcha.

Yoast SEO

  1. Specific settings for redirects may conflict with GD “Near” Search.
  2. The Yoast setting comes with a warning: “May cause conflicts!”.
  3. Check “No Redirect” at SEO > Advanced > Permalinks > “Redirect ugly URLs to clean permalinks”.
  4. “Disable author archives” will make the GD profile pages disappear.
  5. Yoast sitemaps regenerate automatically. If changes are made to Permalinks it may take some time for Yoast to regenerate the pages with the new URL structure.



  1. You will not be able to add some GD widgets to your pages.


  1. The multilingual features do not work with custom post types like GD listings.


  1. This theme replaces some GD options with their own, for example the sorting options for the Place Settings.


  1. Broken URLs – Past versions of Kleo have included a filter for wp_redirect that breaks redirects across the site. If you are experiencing that issue, you should contact Kleo support and reference this information. Past fix was to comment lines 99-103 in file kleo\lib\importer\import.php (see the following code)
    if ( defined( ‘DOING_AJAX’ ) && DOING_AJAX ) {
    add_filter( ‘wp_redirect’, function () {
    return false;
    } );


AviaBuilder is included with several popular themes including Enfold.

  1. Unable to edit/save listing in frontend or backend – See this topic for a fix:
  2. Maps not loading – See


  1. The builder strips inline CSS from the header.
  2. Add CSS to GD > Scripts > Footer instead of header



  1. You can only use one Flexslider on a page, and because GD and some other plugins and themes use the same Flexslider, there often is a conflict resulting in only one of the two flexsliders on the page working.
  2. You can add this line to your theme functions.php and it should solve it for you:


Cache Plugins

General Compatibility with Cache Plugins

  1. GeoDirectory is only fully compatible with GD Booster and WP Super Cache.
  2. Please see settings for Autoptimize here
  3. If you use WP Super Cache, you need to review the settings here.
  4. If you use GD Booster, it is recommended that you do not use any other cache plugins with it (including WP Super Cache).

Image Opitmizers

GeoDirectory is designed with several optimizations for images. Listings images are stored outside the media library to keep the media library uncluttered. Therefore, some plugins that claim to optimize images are not compatible with GD and can lead to unexpected behavior. Here are a couple of the ones we have heard of so far.

  1. WP Smushit – not compatible, results in images not being displayed
  2. EWWW Image Optimizer – not compatible, may result in blank pages for Add listing process


  1. Bluehost plugin caching is incompative with GD.


  1. GeoDirectory listings are not available to be indexed by Jetpack Search at Admin > Jetpack > Settings > Traffic > Search
  2. ‘Speed up images and photos’ setting will cause images to ‘disappear’, with or without GD Booster.
  3. ‘Social networks sharing’ may cause duplicate graph metadata and create difficulty with sharing to social networks.
  4. ‘Widget Visibility’ jetpack plugin can interfere with adding some GD widgets [reported 14 September 2015].
  5. Automattic adds new features to Jetpack regularly; report new issues as you find them.

Jetpack – Comments

  1. When enabling Jetpack Comments, your comments on your listings will not be counted by GD.
  2. Do NOT enable Show a ‘follow comments’ option in the comment form at Settings > Discussion for the Jetpack settings.
  3. Do NOT enable GD Recaptcha for comments if you are using Jetpack comments with social login.

Cloudflare Rocket Loader

  1. Cloudflare Rocket Loader is not compatible with GD.
  2. The only compatible tool to minify and concatenate scripts and css files is GD Booster.
  3. In some cases may be the cause of Google Map’s failure to load.

Scripts to Footer

  1. Causes JQuery errors visible in console, resulting in breaking search and maps.


  1. GD and GD Booster are not compatible with W3Cache.