Troubleshooting Guide

Some common issues users need help with are “page not found”, maps not working etc.

General checks Detail page goes to “page not found” Maps More information

General checks

  1. Check that you have the latest versions of all plugins.
    1. Your problem may already have been fixed in the latest versions.
    2. Only all the most current versions of all plugins and themes are guaranteed to work together and supported.
    3. Navigate to your plugin list in the backend of your website, and compare the versions in your account and downloads page.
    4. You may have to add your licenses first to enable updates.
  2. Check your WP permalinks.
    1. Go to WP Settings > Permalinks and make sure they are set to Post name.
    2. Often re-saving this settings will fix “page not found” errors, by forcing WordPress to update any changes you made in the URL structure at GD > Permalinks or in the Location Manager settings.
  3. Check the correct links to your GD pages.
    1. It is important to understand the GD pages structure, ie the location, listings, detail pages etc.
    2. Adding these shortcodes to any WP page will give you a good overview of what GD pages have been created and their correct URL:
    3. Note that the last shortcode will only work if you have the Location Manager installed.

Detail page goes to “page not found”

  1. Make sure the listing is in at least one category.
  2. Review the WP Permalink comments above.


  1. Check Google Map API.
    1. Make sure that you added a key at GD > Design > Map.
    2. Make sure the key is valid for your domain.
  2. Do NOT hide the maps.
    1. Check that there are no boxes ticked at GD > Design > Map > SHOW / HIDE POST TYPE AND CATEGORY ON MAP

More information

  1. Do and Don’t list of common errors.
  2. List of conflicts caused by some other plugins, themes etc.
  3. Troubleshooting FAQs.