Autoptimize Settings

GD Booster can not be used with this plugin, we recommend using WP Super Cache to compliment Autoptimize
Autoptimize is a popular html optimization plugin for WordPress and is now compatible with GeoDirectory. For Autoptimize and GeoDirectoy to work together properly there are a few settings you must enable.

Under Settings>Autoptimize>:
The settings below are the ones that worked best during our testing and are highly recommended to follow but your theme may require different settings.

  1. Enable: Optimize HTML Code?
  2. Enable: Optimize JavaScript Code?
  3. Disable: Force JavaScript in?
  4. Disable: Also aggregate inline JS?
  5. Exclude scripts from Autoptimize:
  6. Enable: Add try-catch wrapping?
  7. Enable: Optimize CSS Code?
  8. Enable: Generate data: URIs for images?
  9. Enable: Remove Google Fonts?
  10. Enable: Also aggregate inline CSS?
  11. Disable: Inline and Defer CSS?
  12. Enable: Inline all CSS?
  13. Exclude CSS from Autoptimize: admin-bar.min.css, dashicons.min.css