Linking events to places

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Events can be linked to other listings owned by the same user (or optionally from any other user), with the following result:

  • The event detail page will have a link to the place listing in the sidebar
  • The event will be added to a tab of the place listing


You will need:

  1. The Event Manager activated with at least one category.
    1. By default, users can only link events to their own listings in the selected CPT. If you want any other user to link an event to a listing of another user, go to GD > Event Settings > Any linking Author and tick Allow linking to any post not just users own posts?
  2. The Pricing Manager activated.
    1. Create or edit a price package (can be free) and activate the event linking:


When a user adds an event, they will have the option to connect the event with another non-event listing.

  1. The Add Listing form for the event will have a search option to find the listing:
  2. Start typing at least the first three letters of the listing you want to connect.
  3. When the system finds the listing, you have two options:
    1. Select it: This will connect the event with the listing.
    2. Select it and click Fill in business details: This will pre-fill the main fields and address of the new event with the same data as the business listing. You can then change title, description etc as required.


You can change how many events are shown in the listing’s Events tab at GD > Design > Detail > Linked events settings.