Updating your language files

Sometimes after an update of any of the GD plugins, you will find new words on your website and you cannot find how to translate them when looking in your language files.

This is because when a GD plugin is updated, the language file will have new language strings added.

This article explains how to merge the new language file with your PO and MO files already translated.

For this example, we will use a French GD core language file we need to update.

  1. Download the latest language file from the plugin:
  2. Navigate to your existing translate PO file:
  3. Open the geodirectory-fr_FR.po file with PoEdit:
  4. From the PoEdit menu, click Catalogue and then Update from POT file … :
  5. Browse to the PO file you downloaded at step 1, and Open:
  6. That will merge the new language strings with your translated file. Make any changes as required, save and upload.