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How Automation Enables a Smart Helpdesk Plugin?

This article is meant to give a sneak peek on how automation plays a significant role in a helpdesk plugin and how WSDesk, a WordPress HelpDesk plugin uses automation to achieve efficiency. “By 2018, automation is going to be in full swing in the United States and around the world. There are estimates that it […]

20 Best Free WordPress Responsive Themes

Each website owner tries to make his site ‘responsive’. These days the competitive market of business makes everyone to fit in with the help of responsiveness. But, what it is this ‘being responsive’? It is basically representation of your thoughts in the form of designs and layouts. In case of the website, the data gets […]

WordPress User Profile Plugin | UsersWP

The WP plugin directory has been missing a lightweight WordPress User Profile plugin for too long. Popular user profile plugins are basically full-fledged social network apps. Some even include content restriction features that normally belong in a membership plugin. Don’t get me wrong, they are great, but provide far too many options for anyone that […]

WordPress Directory Theme, what’s the best [updated 2019]

How the WordPress Directory Theme niche started When we started this journey, there were only a couple of other players in the WordPress Directory Theme niche. GeoPlaces by Templatic and Directorypress by PremiumPress. At that point, me and Stiofan still didn’t know each other. We met in the Templatic forums after buying their theme to […]

WP Invoicing + GD Payments Manager V2

If you are upgrading from GD Payments Manager V1 to V2 you are required to carry out some additional steps. Our new free plugin WP Invoicing will now be required to take payment and the GD payment manager will still handle the price packages and restrictions. ( You can find out more about WP Invoicing […]