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Loading WordPress language files correctly

WordPress localization features allows you to make plugins and themes easily translatable through WordPress Language files (po/mo files). This is true especially since WordPress 3.7 and it got a whole lot easier since WordPress 4.6. A lot of improvement has been made to the whole translation system for WordPress, I felt it really needs a […]

1.6.18 released

Yesterday we released V1.6.18 and you can find the massive change log here: https://wpgeodirectory.com/change-logs/#v1.6.18 We added a feature to locate the user while adding a listing and add the position in the address field, so that adding a listing while visiting a business or place becomes super simple. We improved WPML compatibility to include most […]

Event Calendar Newsletter & GeoDirectory Integration

Event Calendar Newsletter is a nifty plugin that allows users to embed Events from some of the best Events calendar plugins for WordPress, into your newsletter’s template, with just few clicks. Email marketing is still extremely important to drive traffic to your website. If you are running a website focused on events, you’ll certainly want […]

We added a 50% discount code in our T&C’s to see what would happen

The Story In April 2015 GeoDirectory became 1 year old, at that time we celebrated by running a discount over our birthday weekend. It had been a year since we wrote our terms and conditions (T&C’s) and in June of that year (2015) we decided to review them to see if anything needed updating, it […]

Move bbPress Multisite plugin and the story behind it

Are you hosting your bbPress powered support forum within your main install? That’s going to slow down your money website. In similar cases, it’s really a good idea to move bbPress into its own website. Why should I Move bbPress? The main reason is that you are loading a lot of extra resources on your […]