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Maker Spaces info About is a Free Crowd Sourced directory listing, for any Makers, Hackers, DIY ers, Hobbyists, Workshops, Maker Spaces, Expertise, Suppliers of resources like consulting, training, materials and equipment. Please use and contribute. Mission Maker is a network of, by and for Makers, Suppliers and Service providers everywhere. Description What is the Maker […]


Wholylocal is a directory of local merchants committed to lifestyles of health and sustainability. Wholylocal connects the lives and livelihoods of individuals who choose to invest in goods and services that originate locally, are more sustainable, or are sold by local, independent businesses to help retain more resources in the local economy.


With the significant advancement of holistic and natural medicine, more providers are now recommending alternative medicine to their patients rather then synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs. All of Live420MD network providers are able to service a wide range of patients and conditions. Whether you are board certified or accredited healthcare provider, Live420MD is compliant with HIPAA (Health […]