GeoDirectory Lists – Overview


Using GeoDirectory Lists, you can create your own place list.  Example: My Favorite Restaurants

Note: As of now GeoDirectory Lists can be used only with Whoop theme. Other themes are not supported yet.


  1. GeoDirectory
  2. Whoop Theme (Optional)
  3. Posts 2 Posts
  4. Buddypress (Optional)

Posts 2 Posts

GeoDirectory Lists heavily depends on Posts 2 Posts Plugin. So Please install it first before installing GeoDirectory Lists.


Please follow this tutorial, to install the plugin.

Reset Permalinks

  1. Navigate to Settings > Permalinks > Common Settings.
  2. Select Default option and then save it.
  3. Now select Post name and then save it again.


  1. List index can be accessed by visiting
  2. A new list can be created by visiting
Index Page screenshot


Add List Page screenshot


To create a List

  1. Navigate to Account Settings > Lists
  2. Click Create List button.
  3. create-list
  4. Enter List Title and List Description and then click Create
  5. You will redirected to a page where you can add items to your list.
  6. Drag and Drop items from the left side to right side. Note: You can see only the listings your reviewed.
  7. add-items
  8. After adding items to your list click Done to save.
  9. Click View List to view your list.

To Edit List Items


To Edit List Title and Description