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These are the sections you will find when you install the GeoDirectory Core (free) plugin only:

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On this page:

GD pages check – Multisite DB conversion check – Ratings check – Sync GD tags – Sync GD Categories – Clear all GD version numbers – Load custom fields translation

GeoDirectory > GD Tools

The GD Tools are your friend when things go wrong, and you should run these checks before seeking support.
If there is anything that seems broken, the GD tools might identify your problem and even fix it.

GD pages check

Run this tool if your GD pages are not working as you expect, or seem to be missing.

Multisite DB conversion check

This tool was introduced when GD became multi-site compatible a while ago. It is still useful to check if your GD database tables are intact and existing as expected. 

Ratings check

Checks ratings for correct location and content settings.

Sync GD tags

This tool can be used when tags are showing in the back end but are missing from the front end.

Sync GD Categories

This tool can be used when categories are missing from the details table (so they do not show up on the detail pages of your listings) but showing in other places in the back end (only checks posts with missing category info in details table).

Clear all GD version numbers

This tool will clear all GD version numbers so any upgrade functions will run again. 

Load custom fields translation

Translating custom fields is explained in detail here.