Getting Addon Translation Files

This document applies to Addons. GD Core plugin translations are located on See the Translators Handbook for more information.

GeoDirectory Addon translations are maintained in the GeoDirectory language project.

In the example below, an Italian translation will added to a multi-lingual GD site. The process for a single language site is the same.

  1. Navigate to the GeoDirectory language project pages.
  2. Select the language and addon of your choice.
  3. Example: Italian:
  4. Select the language file you want:
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Export the file (accept the defaults so you download the whole PO file):
  6. Load the file to the proper folder (See Translating Addons for more information).
    Change the file extension, if necessary, for your locale. Example: -it to -it_IT.
  7. Create the MO file using PoEdit or download from the same page where you downloaded the PO file:
  8. Review the translations on your site. If you find untranslated strings, refer here for how to translate strings with PoEdit.