Translating Addons

Translating Addons is much the same as translating core with one exception, the file names differ.
Please see the translating core docs and then when saving your .mo files please see the reference guide below for file names.

You can find some ready made translations in our languages project, find out more here.

Addon name .mo location path (text domain)
CORE /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Advance Search Filters /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Ajax Duplicate Alert /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Autocompleter /wp-content/languages/plugins/
(Deprecated from core version 1.3 – merged with Advance Search Filters)
BuddyPress Compliments /wp-content/languages/plugins/
BuddyPress Integration /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Claim Listing /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Custom Google Maps /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Custom Post Types /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Event Manager /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Franchise Manager /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Location Manager /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Markercluster /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Payment Manager /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Review Rating Manager /wp-content/languages/plugins/
SagePay Payment Gateway /wp-content/languages/plugins/
Social Importer /wp-content/languages/plugins/